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Safety Tips for Deep Frying your Turkey

Safety Tips for Deep Frying your Turkey

Thanksgiving is now right around the corner and you are probably starting to plan your menu. If you are like thousands of Americans, you will most likely be serving turkey on November 24th. Of course, there are different ways to prepare your turkey, but the most popular method these days seems to be deep frying.

Fried turkeys are delicious but they come with a variety of safety issues. Turkey fryers can cause serious injuries and fires if not handled properly. Thousands of injuries and even death has occurred due to turkey fryers. Before you think of frying you’re bird this holiday, please remember these safety tips.


  1. Make sure your turkey is thawed, not frozen, before you put it in your deep fryer. Ice or water that mixes into the hot oil can cause a fire.
  2. Keep your fryer outside and a good distance from your house. Do not attempt to fry your turkey in your garage or any enclosed space, it must be outside. It should be at least 10 ft. from your home.
  3. Never leave your turkey unattended when deep frying. Keep children and pets away.
  4. Make sure your fryer is on flat ground. The oil needs to be even so that a spill does not occur.
  5. Never use your fryer if it is raining or snowing. The condensation can cause the oil to splatter and lead to serious burns to those cooking or a fire.
  6. Watch your temperature very closely. Cooking oil too high can cause a fire. If you see your oil is smoking, turn the fryer off.
  7. Be careful when handling the turkey fryer. The handle and lid can become very hot and cause serious burns. Make sure to wear oven mitts and protective goggles.
  8. Use a small to medium sized turkey, less than 18 pounds will cook the best.

When your turkey is done, carefully remove the pot from the burner. Put the pot on a flat surface and cover it. Then you are safely able to enjoy your feast! Please always be prepared by having a fire extinguisher close by incase your oil ignites.

Follow these safety tips to have a safe, successful deep frying experience. ServiceMaster Restoration offers professional fire mitigation services should you need any assistance over your holiday. We want to wish you and your family a safe, happy holiday!