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What Happens When Lightening Strikes a Home

What Happens When Lightening Strikes a Home

With hurricane season at the peak from mid August to October, there is a strong chance that storms will be more prevalent this month. Even if you are not hit by a hurricane you can suffer damage from a storm. As we all know, with storms come thunder and lightening. Lightening strikes can occur anywhere at anytime. One of the most dangerous anomaly’s on earth, you certainly hope that your home is never affected by lightening. Unfortunately lightening does strike homes. Should lightening strike your home, it is crucial to know what to do ahead of time so that you are prepared.

How will I know if lightening hits my home?


If your home is struck by lightening your entire house will shake and your will hear a very loud noise. You won’t have to wonder if your home has been hit, the noise will be explosive and so powerful that you will know. Most likely your power will go out immediately.

What are the dangers should lightening strike a home?

First if lightening should strike a home, you should know that it travels very quickly. There is no specific path that it will take, it can go through your roof, your gutters, plumbing or wiring. It will work it’s way to the ground. This is why it is important to unplug electronics during a bad thunderstorm so that you do not experience a power surge. This can be very dangerous. Also do not ever take a shower or use water during a bad storm.

Second, if lightening should strike it can ignite a fire. The heat that it brings to any wiring or plumbing can potentially start a fire. Most of the time if your home is hit by lightening and you experience a fire, it will start in your attic, but we have seen fires start in other areas including the wall cavity of a home. This can be very frightening so that is why we ask you to follow our tips below should you be faced with this situation.

Safety Tips


– If lightening strikes, first make sure everyone in your home is okay. Then get out of your home immediately.
– Call 911 and let them know what happened.
– The fire department will come to your home and they will let you know if it is safe to return inside.
– After your home is safe than you can inspect to see if there is damage.
– If your home has been damaged by the lightening than you will need to call your insurance company to come and assess your situation.

Depending on the damage, you may need to call a restoration company such as ServiceMaster Quality Restoration. We are here to help you and your family be prepared for any type of disaster. We are available around the clock to respond to emergency situations. Contact us today at (704) 324-8528.