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What to Do With Your Christmas Tree

What to Do With Your Christmas Tree

Christmas has come and gone and now we all face the holiday clean up. Soon you will be taking down your beautiful Christmas tree. You may be wondering what to do with your tree. Instead of tossing it why not try some of these earth friendly alternatives?

1. Make mulch with pine needles
The pine needles from your Christmas tree dry quickly and can make a wonderful mulch for your yard or garden. You can also use a wood chipper to create wood chips for mulch. These will give nutrients to your soil as they decompose.

2. Have your tree recycled
Contact your local waste facility to see if there is a citywide tree pick up day. Many towns offer curbside pickup of trees. If you do not have this service, most likely you can drop it somewhere to be recycled. Please make sure to remove all ornaments and decorations.

3. Make a natural bird feeder
If you can, place your tree in your back yard. You can hand bird feeders from the branches or coat pinecones with peanut butter. The birds are sure to love this special treat during the long winter months.

4. Place your tree in your woods
If you have property that has woods, place your tree in them. Dead trees can provide shelter for animals. It will decompose naturally over time.

5. Use your tree trunk
Get creative, you can cut your tree trunk into small circles. These can be used to edge your flower beds or pathways. Or use your tree trunk in your home! You can use these same round circles as cute coasters to place a cold drink on.

6. Use in your outdoor fire pit
Cut some of your tree branches off to use in your outside fire pit. Inspect the tree before to be sure that no decorations were left behind. Do not ever use to start a fire in your indoor fireplace. Pines, firs and evergreens have a flammable turpentine oils and can cause a chimney fire. Make sure to read the safety tips in our blog of how to have a safe outdoor fire pit!

This year when taking down that tree, we hope you will consider some of these ideas. As the new year begins, keep in mind that ServiceMaster Quality Restoration is open 24/7 for all your disaster restoration needs. (704) 324-8528.