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Why You Need a Home Inventory List

Why You Need a Home Inventory List

A home inventory list is something every homeowner should have on hand. You may not feel that an inventory list is necessary, but should something happen to your home this list will be your safety net. Unfortunately, property damage is real and happens more often than you think. Whether it be from fire, water damage, theft or another disaster, a home inventory list gives you protection and can speed up your claims process.

Once you experience damage to your home, you will most likely make an insurance claim to cover it. When you file a claim, your insurance company will need to know the items that were damaged or stolen, this can be extremely difficult. Remembering damaged or missing items during a stressful situation can feel overwhelming. That is why you want to create your inventory list as soon as you can to avoid being ill prepared.

How to Begin

Document all items and take pictures
Go around your home and record a video and/or take pictures of all your contents. Try to get as much information in the picture on each item such as serial numbers and model numbers. Once you have your pictures, create a list documenting each item and entering a detailed description. It is a good idea to save receipts for high end items or get an appraisal of the items. This way, the value of your expensive items cannot be questioned.

Put Inventory List in a Safe Place
Your inventory list will be of no good to you if it is damaged or stolen. Keep your list in a fire and water proof lock box and another copy saved digitally. You can do this through a drop box account or through google drive which can be accessed even if your personal computer is damaged.

Keep Your List Updated
Make sure to update your inventory list when you purchase new items. Review your inventory list at least once a year and make sure that it is up to date. You will especially want to add items that are of high value to your list.

Making this list now can save you from frustration down the road so make one today. You can never have too much documentation. Should you, or someone you know experience a disaster to your home, ServiceMaster Restoration specializes in fire, water and mold remediation services. We work with most insurance carriers and can offer you peace of mind in your time of need.

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