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Commercial Mold Damage Removal in Blue Springs

When water is introduced in the business, whether it’s from a hidden leak in a water line, recent heavy rainfall, or firefighters doing what they do best, mold can begin to grow and quickly spread – especially if the moisture is not entirely removed initially. Any size of mold growth within your commercial property can put the health and safety of business at risk, but ServiceMaster DSI can help get things back to normal.

Mold Inspection, Removal, & Remediation Backed by 65+ Years of Experience

As your go-to mold inspection, removal, and remediation experts in Blue Springs, ServiceMaster DSI is prepared to help you get your doors back open sooner rather than later, with services that minimize disturbance to your everyday operations and ensures a clean and safe environment for your employees and customers to do business in.

Some of the most common signs of mold to be on the lookout for include:

  • Recent water damage
  • Dried discoloration
  • Musty odors
  • Wet spots on walls or flooring
  • Increase in allergy symptoms

While you may assume you’d be able to easily spot mold, mold likes to grow in dark, humid places, away from direct sight. This makes it hard to locate where mold is exactly, so turning to a professional with over 65 years of experience and trusted processes can give you the expert knowledge you need to find it.

How Can I Remove Mold from My Business?

If you find mold in your business, it’s essential to properly clean it up and repair the moisture problem. And while you think that DIY mold removal may be enough, it’s important to note that mold is dangerous and the proper supplies are needed.

Bottom line – it’s always a better option to turn to a team of professionals to take the guesswork out of the entire mold removal process. ServiceMaster DSI works hard to ensure the process is easy to follow from start to finish with consistent communication and clear timelines.

How Much Does Commercial Mold Removal Cost?

But how much does having professional mold inspection and removal services cost? The exact price can depend on several factors, including:

  • Area of growth
  • Extent of damage
  • Severity of infestation
  • Type of material affected

If you’re wondering how much your Blue Springs commercial mold removal services may cost, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! While an inspection will be needed to provide you with the most accurate quote, we’re more than happy to discuss general prices and answer any pressing questions you may have.

Request Your Mold Removal Service Today!

We’ll restore your Blue Springs property to its pre-loss conditions by thoroughly drying your property and repairing any damage left from the mold. We’ll arrive on time, confirm the growth of mold in your business, assess the extent of damage, and layout all of your options for restoration – once approved, we’ll get to work.

When you need commercial mold damage taken care of in Blue Springs, turn to ServiceMaster DSI for help – dial(816) 429-3790 to get help now!