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Residential Fire Damage Restoration in Blue Springs

Seeing your home deal with a fire is an unfortunate and often traumatic experience. Truly one of the worst losses a homeowner can deal with. And while things seem bleak at the moment, the team at ServiceMaster DSI can help brighten your day by providing clear guidance and support in saving your personal possessions and recovering your property to its pre-loss conditions.

Our team relies on years of personal experience serving Blue Springs and the nearby areas, plus the extensive training and support from a nationwide network and industry leader. This blend of local service and national support allows us to rely on the best tools and processes in the business.

What is Fire Damage?

Fire damage goes beyond burning your walls, floors, and more. The damage can be found in your possessions and so much more. Some of the most common types of damage homes experience during a fire include:

Odor Damage

Fires don’t smell good, especially when they’re burning paint, plastic, paper, and anything else in your home. While wildfires can cause an odor problem throughout your property, so can home fires. Our team will complete the proper deodorization methods to remove the smell from your home.

Soot Damage

Fires leave behind soot, which is dangerous to both humans and pets. It’s small so it can easily be inhaled without proper protection, which is never good. It can also damage the materials in your home, leaving behind stains and more.

Water Damage

Whether your residential fire was put out by yourself, a firefighter, or your building’s sprinkler system, water damage needs to be restored in addition to the damage from the fire. Any water or related moisture left behind can cause mold and mildew growth if not taken care of quickly.

How Is Fire Damage Restored?

No two properties are the same, nor are the fires that may experience. This means that the restoration process may vary, but either way, you can rest easy knowing that our team will approach it by ensuring a completely customized service is delivered.

Our team will restore your fire by quickly assessing the damage and creating a plan of action that may include:

  • Evaluating every room in the home to assess any smoke or fire damage
  • Removing damaged contents and disposing of them correctly
  • Removing any water from the property and thoroughly drying the area
  • Packing out remaining contents that can be saved
  • Inspecting the foundation and structural integrity of the home
  • Completing all necessary restoration services needed

Of course, the extent of these services depends on the extent of damage your home has experienced. So, whether you’ve experienced an electrical fire, grease fire, or something else, ServiceMaster DSI has the training, tools, and skillsets needed to restore your home’s health and happiness.

Why Turn to Our Fire Damage Restoration Company?

After you experience a disaster like a fire in your home, you’ll need a helping hand that is as knowledgeable as they are trustworthy – that’s ServiceMaster DSI. Our team is here to help you see things through to the other side, from clean-up to the often complicated insurance process, ensuring your peace of mind every step of the way.

Need fire restoration nearby? We’re available 24/7 for all of your emergency needs, so call (816) 429-3790 today to get started!