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Understanding the Various Hurricane Categories and What Kind of Damage They Can Do To Your Property

The National Weather Service Agency deems May 7 – 13th as Hurricane Preparedness Week. As a national leader in hurricane restoration, ServiceMaster DSI has seen first-hand what a hurricane can do to a family, a home, and/or a business. This is why ServiceMaster DSI wants to be a “force of nature” and remind all of their friends, family and customers to be ready for a hurricane or tropical storm.

Any tropical disturbance making landfall with rain and wind can be a devastating experience. The first step to being prepared is understanding the various types of tropical systems and what kind of damage it can do to your property.

All tropical weather formations are rated based on the storm’s sustained winds and can change classifications by gaining or losing wind strength throughout the tropical disturbance’s life cycle. The higher the tropical system is rated, the more property damage it can cause if it makes landfall.

Tropical Depression: A tropical depression is a tropical weather system with winds from 23-38 mph. A tropical depression can cause light flooding and damage to home or businesses.

Tropical Storm: A tropical storm is a low-pressure weather system with winds from 39-74 mph. Minimal damage can occur such as shrubbery, signs and fences could hit your home and damage it. Once winds reach 74 mph, it is called a hurricane.

A hurricane can grow from a tropical storm to a hurricane classification quickly. Hurricanes are rated by a 1-5 scale from the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.


Category 1 Hurricane: Category 1 Hurricane is winds from 74-95 mph. Minor damage and flooding can occur especially in restaurants/shops on a pier and mobile homes.

Category 2 Hurricane: Category 2 hurricane is winds from 96 – 110 mph. Moderate damage can occur including door and window damage to homes and businesses.

Category 3 Hurricane: A major hurricane is any hurricane classified as a Category 3 or higher. A category 3 hurricane has winds up to 130 mph. Excessive property damage can occur.

Category 4 Hurricane: A category 4 hurricane is a hurricane having winds from 131 – 155 mph. Extreme property damage and flooding can occur from a Category 4 Hurricane.

Category 5 Hurricane: The highest category hurricane, category 5, consists of winds from 156 and up. Catastrophic damage can occur to your property if a Category 5 hurricane hits landfall such as, major flooding, complete roof failure, buildings and mobile homes being blown down and completely destroyed.

Time is of the essence if your property has been damaged by one of these tropical disturbances. You will want to call a board-up and mitigation team that you can trust to get your property restored. ServiceMaster DSI has been restoring homes and businesses after hurricanes for over 30 years and we will do whatever it takes to respond immediately, manage your recovery efficiently, and get your home or business restored fast. If you are in need of hurricane damage cleanup, give us a call at 844-413-3130.

Looking for more hurricane preparedness tips? In honor of Hurricane Preparedness Week, ServiceMaster DSI will be posting hurricane tips all week long. We urge you to follow us on social media all this week for ways to stay ahead of the tropical storms.