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Disaster Prevention Tips

  • How to Protect Your Home from Wildfire Damage Wildfires can have devastating consequences for both people and the environment. They tend to spread quickly, destroying homes and businesses in their wake. Last year in the U.S., nearly 70,000 wildfires burned 7.6 million acres . May is National Wildfire Awareness Month , ... Continue Reading
  • Three Ways to Protect Your Pets During a Disaster Your pets are important members of your family! This is why they should be included in your family’s emergency plan. To prepare for the unexpected, keep your pets in mind as you follow these tips during Pet Preparedness Month: Make a plan. Build an emergency kit. Stay ... Continue Reading
  • What Should be on Your Spring Weather Checklist? You may know you’re at risk for heavy rains, tornadoes or flooding, but you’ll never know when an extreme weather event will hit. Even with advance warning, you won’t see the intensity until you’re in the thick of it. Your business must prepare for weather-related impacts ... Continue Reading
  • Water Leak Prevention for Homeowners When you hear the words “water event,” do you think of flooded rivers, rainstorms and Mother Nature? Or do you consider broken water tanks, burst pipes and overflowing toilets? Each day, an estimated 14,000 people in the U.S. experience a water damage emergency at home or ... Continue Reading
  • How to Find Your Main Water Valve How to Find A Main Water Valve for Shut-off in an Emergency Water leaks and other disasters always seem to happen when you least expect it. When you’re already facing costly water damage, the last thing you want is more rising water and flooding to make the situation worse. ... Continue Reading
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