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Fire Prevention

  • 7 Summer Fire Prevention Tips for Homeowners Sunny, warmer days are on the way for much of the U.S. as summer approaches, but now is no time for homeowners to grow weary of taking fire safety measures. Summer is packed with opportunities for fun to fly – and, unfortunately, for dangerous flames to spark. From campfires ... Continue Reading
  • Holiday Safety Tips for Businesses When most people think of safety measures for the holidays, they think of the home. But what shouldn't be forgotten is the office. From decorations and lights to candles and space heaters, many fire hazards come with the holiday season. Here are some tips to keep your ... Continue Reading
  • Causes of Fire in the Workplace Top 5 Causes of Fire in the Workplace In 2018 alone, emergency fire fighting teams responded to an estimated 103,600 fires on commercial properties. Fortunately, these fires in the workplace can be managed when proper safety measures are taken in advance. Annual reports from ... Continue Reading