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  • Five Ways to Prevent Mold at Your Business Mold. Just the word conjures up mental images of black stains on walls, grout lines, drywall, wood, and other surfaces in your workplace. In addition to its ugly appearance and ability to destroy wood and other structural materials, mold is dangerous to your health. Because ... Continue Reading
  • Eight Steps For Preventing Mold Damage Water damage and mold often go hand in hand. Mold can be found anywhere moisture is present and can be caused by rain seeping in, leaking pipes, cooking, showering, and even insufficient ventilation in the home. Considering these causes, it’s no surprise mold is most often ... Continue Reading
  • How To Stop Mold in the Workplace (Before It Starts) Have you ever heard horror stories, or even worked in an office, factory, or hospital that had to shut down due to mold? Then you know all about the time and energy it takes to shut down operations, evacuate the staff and spend weeks getting rid of toxic mold. How does mold ... Continue Reading
  • How to Educate Your Policyholders on Mold Damage and Prevention Mold is an extremely common problem in residential homes. As an insurance representative, chances are you have received calls from policyholders facing mold issues and asking about next steps and insurance coverage. To enhance your customer service and maintain a good ... Continue Reading