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Commercial Fire & Smoke Restoration in Shawnee

You Can Count on ServiceMaster DSI to Answer Your SOS Call Morning, Noon, or Night

Perhaps nothing is more distressing and traumatic than seeing fire hit your business property. Not to mention, this is like uncharted territory for you and you’ve never had to handle something like this, or at least nothing of this magnitude before. In this time of chaos, little is certain except for the fact that you can trust Shawnee commercial fire and smoke restoration company, ServiceMaster DSI, to help you return your property to its pre-loss condition as quickly and safely as possible. Years of experience in the disaster restoration business has led us to gain advanced knowledge and apply it frequently for customers like you. This includes using advanced scientific methods, techniques, tools, and chemicals to restore buildings and materials that may seem unsalvageable.

How Fire & Smoke Damage a Structure

After the firefighters leave and flames are doused, your problems have only just begun. That’s because most of the materials in the furniture, flooring, walls, and so on, can create a variety of chemical creatures that create additional damage to your property’s structure. Our team has the necessary expertise to effectively work to restore these items and remove the soiling from the floor and fabrics so you won’t have the added expense of replacing them.

The fire isn’t the only thing that damage a structure. The smoke and soot leave corrosive materials, too, and there residue remains on surfaces and continue to cause problems until they are removed. Smoke causes glass etching, metal tarnishing, and discoloration to the walls, equipment, surfaces, and other areas. Not to mention, smoke leaves a horrendous odor that lingers for days, or weeks, without odor removal services. And this doesn’t even touch on water damage that likely occurred due to that fire extinguishing efforts, which is a whole other can of worms – but luckily, ServiceMaster DSI also tackles water damage restoration.

This Is Not the Time for an Attempted DIY Cleanup. Call (913) 285-8582 to Reach the Professionals.

Not all commercial fire damage restoration jobs are the same, but our thorough, proven fire and smoke damage restoration process has a proven strategy that includes the same basic process. It begins with an inspection of the structural integrity of your building, identifying the source to determine how the fire was started, and evaluating the areas that suffered any water damage from fire extinguishing. We perform structural restoration, removal any affected flooring, treat affected surfaces, clean and eliminate odors, and return items to their original locations, and so on. We have a thorough process that is much more complex than we can describe here – and we’ll make sure you’re well informed throughout the entire process once you hire our team. Get in touch with us 24/7 and speak with a member of our friendly staff regarding your situation.