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Shawnee Commercial Mold Damage Removal Company

Protect Yourself, Your Employees, & Your Patrons from Harmful Mold Contamination

While mold does occur naturally, that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Mold contamination poses a significant problem to building occupants and rapid mold removal is critical to prevent it from spreading and causing a serious disruption to your business operations. If you suspect or already see mold growth in your business property, it’s imperative to get it professionally removed right away. Keeping the mold out of your property will be an uphill climb, particularly if it has sustained water damage. The airborne mold spores will continue to multiply and spread from the presence of moisture and any organic food source like wood or drywall.

As your trusted mold removal company in Shawnee, ServiceMaster DSI is backed by the nationwide franchise ServiceMaster Restore, which has led the disaster restoration industry for the last 65+ years. We know what to look for and what steps to take to remove mold from your property to restore your business to a healthy, clean slate so you can feel comfortable reopening your doors for business without the worry of airborne contaminants making anyone sick.

What Kinds of Damage Can Mold Do?

Mold is dangerous because it is a health hazard, especially for people with allergies, breathing difficulties, and respiratory concerns. Exposure to mold can cause a stuffy nose, wheezing, or irritation to the eyes and skin. Some people with mold allergies will have a heightened reaction due to their immune system overreacting to the presence of mold and will experience fever and shortness of breath.

Mold is not only a hazard to your health, but mold can also damage the structure of your property. It eats away at integral structural components like insultation, carpeting, and breaks it down into organic matter for food. Not to mention, mold looks is unsightly and makes your business look unkempt and will slowly rot and decay the materials it grows on, such as the walls, ceilings, and concrete where it spreads.

How We Tackle Commercial Mold Damage Restoration Jobs

At ServiceMaster DSI, our mold removal pros are ready to roll up their sleeves and get rid of the mold that is impacting your property and your livelihood. We can repair any structural damage upon a detail inspection to find any hidden mold, assess the mold to document it for your insurance company, and contain mold to prevent it from spreading further. Next, we make a detailed mold removal plan and repair the structural materials. This includes dehumidification and using industrial chemicals to remediate mold growth.

Because mold is a health hazard and it’s difficult to fully remove without professional training, we do not recommend trying to do a DIY job. This will likely only irritate the mold spores and worsen the problem as it sends the spores into the air and allows it to proliferate and continue to grow unchecked. We highly recommend you contact our Shawnee mold removal company to ensure the mold growth problem is addressed and won’t return. Contact us today: We offer free estimates for our services.