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Commercial Specialty Restoration Services

Our Team Handles Unique Restoration Needs for Your Business

Has your business property been significantly damaged by a natural or unnatural disaster? You already know firsthand how you are at risk for closing your door permanently, and the financial hardship it poses on you and your employees. For a successful commercial restoration job, you’ll need a knowledgeable team to help you get back to normal as quickly and safely as possible. You can rely on our expert restoration professionals at ServiceMaster DSI to do the job and quickly recover your business to its pre-loss condition. We are a premier restoration company servicing Shawnee and the surrounding areas.

The Specialty Services We Offer

Our commercial specialty restoration services include:


Don’t allow graffiti or other malicious damage to tarnish the image you’ve worked so hard to uphold for your business. Without prompt action, you risk loss of loyal customers and long-term damage that becomes more difficult to repair. Our services include boarding up, pack-out and content management, power washing, window cleaning, and reconstruction.

Trauma and biohazard

Bloodborne pathogens and infectious microorganisms carry disease and are not to be handled by an inexperienced cleanup crew. Our expert trauma and biohazard cleanup team is trained and certified, even in crime scene cleanup, and will be there to guide you in what is surely a traumatic time to help you restore your business operations.


Our crew is prepared to handle your entire reconstruction project from the initial damage evaluation and site cleanup through prep and rebuilding to get your property back to its pre-loss condition. We’ll thoroughly clean the site post-construction upon completion of the project.

Air ducts

Is it time to clean your business’ air ducts? If you notice your HVAC system isn’t able to heat or cool your property as well as it used to, it may be time to give us a call, or if your ducts have begun to collect dust and debris. You should definitely call us if you see mold growth or rodent dropping inside the ducts, as this can pose a major health hazard.

Tarping and board-up

By securing your business quickly after a disaster like fire, smoke, or wind, you can safely avoid further damage. This helps keep out the elements and unwanted guests. We board up the damaged windows, walls, and doors and tarp up the damaged roofs.

Packout and content management

The valuable contents inside your property, such as electronics, documents, and files, are at risk of further damage, even after the fire is out or standing water is extracted. Our experts will clean, store, and deodorize your items and make sure they are easily accessible when needed.

And more

We also offer post-loss recovery, data and electronic restoration, and decontamination services.

Contact Us to Handle All Your Commercial Restoration Needs in Shawnee

ServiceMaster DSI is backed by the national franchise, ServiceMaster Restore, a business with 65+ years of industry-leading experience in disaster restoration services. When emergencies strike, we want our customers to feel like we are their allies and that they can turn to us for immediate assistance – 24/7. Get in touch today and we’ll dispatch a team to your location within hours.