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Posts from 2022

  • Why Does it Flood So Much in Midland, and What Can Be Done? Like much of Michigan, it’s common for Midland County to flood. For one thing, Michigan is the only state to touch four out of the five great lakes, not to mention the abundance of rivers and low-lying areas. In fact, specific areas adjacent to the Tittabawassee and the ... Continue Reading
  • How Summertime Impacts Asbestos & Mold Damage Franchising in Midland, Michigan As the warm weather comes in, it’s time for enjoying the sun, having cookouts with friends and family, and getting away on vacation. The downside is that it’s also time for mold to take center stage. Warm temperatures and higher humidity levels increase the chance of mold ... Continue Reading
  • HOW TO AVOID FIRE DAMAGE FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY With the weather moving from moderate to hot and dry, one of our most cherished holidays is right around the corner: Independence Day! You can expect unlimited fun, loads of delicious food, a spectacular light show, and potential fire damage . Wait, what? Not to kill your ... Continue Reading