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Advice for Tile and Grout Cleaning in Tallahassee

If you own or manage a small or medium sized Tallahassee business and workspace, it may not be in your budget to have a professional come and provide tile and grout cleaning in Tallahassee. Instead, you may take the cleaning chore in-house and either you or an employee may be in charge of cleaning the tile and grout floors of your office. But many people must realize that to ensure a clean floor, simply mopping won’t be enough, to make your tiled floors look like new and to remove all of the brown or grayness from your grout lines, it will take a effort and patience. See how to properly clean your tile and grout below.

1) The surface needs to be wet
Nearly all tile and grout cleaners work focus on something called “surfactant” action, this decreases the surface tension of water. It allows water to pick up grime and dirt more easily.

2) Scrubbing is key
Scrubbing is key, as it is the physical action that allows you to scrap off the tough and stubborn dirt stuck on your tiles’ surface and grout lines. To clean your tile and grout in Tallahassee, you can use a sponge, soft-bristled brush, scouring pad, and several other items you can easily find at your local department or hardware store.

3) Always rinse.
Out in the market, there are several “no-rinse” cleaners. These products may not be the best to use as they basically only shift dirt around and are not physically removing dirt from the area.

4) Drying your floors
When you’re not drying the surface of your floors, you’re essentially using a “no-rinse” cleaner. When cleaning, the water you used to rinse your floors contains all of the filth and dirt that was lifted and removed. When the water dries, the dirt and grime is placed right where it lays, nothing is physically removed. When your drying your floors with a towel or a mop, you want to see dirt on your towels so that you know that your are picking up and removing the soil in your floors.

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