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Fire Restoration in Farmington, New Mexico

Repairing Fire Damage to Homes Near You

It can be heartbreaking to see the effects of fire damage on your home. We understand how important it is to get started on cleanup immediately, so that you can get your home back to normal as soon as possible. Trust ServiceMaster Restore by Restoration Specialists to make that happen. We can provide prompt and comprehensive fire damage restoration services. We'll do everything possible to restore your Farmington property to its safe and habitable pre-fire condition.

We will begin the fire restoration process by doing the following:

  • Removing debris
  • Demolishing ruined structures
  • Cleaning and decontaminating your house
  • Deodorizing your building

dealing with recovery after a fire? Contact us or dial (505) 209-8565 today to ask about expert fire restoration in Farmington.

We Offer Farmington Smoke Damage Repair

Smoke can cause severe wall and furniture discoloration. The smell also tends to cling to your carpets and upholstery. You can count on us to take care of smoke damage repair. We'll get rid of the smoky smell and discoloration throughout your home. We have experience dealing with the aftermath of wildfires and man-made fires.

Call today to request smoke damage removal in Farmington, New Mexico. We also serve the regions of Durango and Cortez, Colorado.

Do's and Don'ts of Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration


  • Open windows & doors to help reduce smoke odor
  • Clean laminate surfaces such as aluminum, porcelain and chrome to prevent permanent tarnish
  • Change any air filters
  • Discard open food products
  • If the electricity is out, clean out your fridge and keep doors open
  • Send damaged clothing to a restoration dry cleaners


  • Don't wash the walls. Attempting to wash the walls could aid in compounding soot residue
  • Don't attempt to clean carpets or upholstery - cleaning fire & soot damage properly requires special tools & expertise
  • Don't touch anything with your bare hands. Natural oils on your skin can make damage to upholstery, walls and wood even worse
  • Don't use electrical appliances until after they're checked and deemed safe

Do you have more questions about fire damage restoration in farmington, nm? Contact Us at 505-209-8565