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Water Damage Restoration in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Twin Cities Residential Water Damage Restoration Services You Can Rely On

Have you just experienced a burst pipe, flash flood, leaky roof, or some other unfortunate and unexpected source of excess water in your home? Without getting help from professional residential water damage restoration specialists right away, your homeowner’s insurance might not pay out the entire claim, so think twice before attempting a DIY job. You may only end up wasting your time in the end, not to mention you could expose yourself to health hazards such as mold growth on account of the water.

Contact us online or call (612) 712-7464 for water damage restoration in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area.

What water damage can ServiceMaster Restore help with?

At Northwest ServiceMaster, we are able to offer a variety of solutions to the following problems:

  • Plumbing Failure
  • Storm Flooding
  • Groundwater Leaks
  • Pipe Bursts/Breaks
  • Long-Term Humidity/Moisture

How Northwest ServiceMaster Tackles Water Damage Restoration Jobs

Our North St. Paul company is locally owned and operated and backed by the ServiceMaster® brand. As an industry leader in water damage restoration for 65+ years, ServiceMaster Restore® has pretty much written the book on the subject of post-disaster cleanup. Our experts have a proven restorative method to bring homes back to their pre-loss conditions.

You can expect our water damage repair specialists to do the following tasks at your home:

  • Extract excess water
  • Dry out and dehumidify the property and its contents
  • Disinfect anything containing mold caused by the excess water
  • Removal of any destroyed objects
  • Clean and disinfect anything that is salvageable
  • Rebuild any parts of the structure damaged by the water

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Tomorrow To Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company

Excess water in a home is an emergency. That’s because the longer it stands, the worse the damage gets. You must act quickly to mitigate it or the water will cause increasing structural damage, as well as the potential for mouth growth and likelihood of tremendous foul odors. That’s why Northwest ServiceMaster accepts SOS calls morning, noon, and night, so you can get the emergency services you need when you need them.

Once our team arrives at the scene within mere hours of your call, we will assess the home and gather the necessary tools and personal protective equipment we’ll need to do the job. Our Twin Cities water restoration team will work quickly and effectively with our state-of-the-art tools and technology. You can rely on us to put our knowledge and experience to good use so you can enjoy your home again without having to worry or face the headache of water damage. Get in touch with us at any time of day for an immediate response and rely on us for proven techniques to remedy your water-damaged property.

Hire our water damage restoration specialists in Minneapolis and St. Paul by calling (612) 712-7464 or contacting us online.