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Duct Cleaning Services in Medford, New York

Keeping Air Ducts Clean Across Long Island

Dusty air duct

How is the air quality in your home? Do you sneeze a lot or find yourself constantly coughing or suffering from respiratory issues? Do you have to dust your furniture all the time? Maybe it’s time to contact ServiceMaster By American Restoration, the expert providers of duct cleaning services in Long Island.

You may think that air duct cleaning is just glorified vacuuming, but that’s not the case. Dirt and debris are professionally removed from your ducts and HVAC components. Your entire home air duct system is then sanitized, killing airborne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and mold.

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that indoor air contains up to 70 times more harmful pollutants than outside air does. With millions of Americans suffering from allergies or asthma, the elimination of irritants such as dust, pollen and pet dander can greatly improve your air quality as well as your personal health. Cigarette smoke and pet odors can adversely affect the conditions in your home.

Young children and the elderly are most vulnerable to airborne pollutants, so if they are part of your family, you should pay special attention to any contaminants or unusual odors emanating from your home heating or cooling system. Odors can signal that there is something dangerous in your air ducts. If necessary, we can insert cameras into the ducts to inspect them for any signs of contamination, blockage or serious damage.

In extreme cases, small animals can find their way into your air ducts and become trapped, leaving behind the unsanitary smell of decay and requiring immediate removal.

We start the process by taking a hose from a truck mounted power vacuum system and running it directly to your furnace. This turns your entire HVAC duct-work into a vacuum. An internal duct cleaning device is inserted into every one of your vents and return air registers, utilizing brushes to free up any debris that might be lodged in the air ducts. The contaminants are then eliminated from your home through our truck mounted vacuum so that no debris is left behind.

Having your air ducts serviced can save you money in the long run. The accumulation of dirt and debris impedes air flow throughout your ventilation system. That puts more and more of a strain on your system as the problem increases over time, costing you more money to operate your furnace or cooling equipment.

As a homeowner, it’s very easy to neglect the condition of your air ducts until something bad happens. However, like any other appliance in your home, air ducts must be cleaned on a regular basis to keep your air quality healthy. So to keep your home heating or cooling system clean and the air quality in your home healthy, there’s only one real solution — ServiceMaster By American Restoration Services!

If your Medford ducts need cleaning, call (631) 459-4158 today!