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ServiceMaster by Cornerstone Electronic Device Restoration

Your business is most likely one of your largest financial investments. When disaster strikes such as a flood what do you do when your business electronics are jeopardized with water? Your business contact information, important documents, and all your records could be completely lost. Your communication with clients that you rely on every day could hang in the balance. After a flood, it is dire to know what steps to take to protect business information for you, your employees, and clients. If immediate action is taken, your business may be able to return to status quo quicker and efficiently. Below are some things you can do with the help of ServiceMaster by Cornerstone to get up and running again after your business electronics have been subjected to high humidity or direct water contact. 

Business Electronics are Exposed to High Humidity,  

Direct Water Contact or Complete Submersion 

Electronics such as computers, phones, fax machines, printer, and other devices can be damaged even if they are not subjected to being directly submerged in water. Dust can turn to a mud-like substance with high levels of humidity and the environment around your electronics can damage them even more in the case of a fire. It is of the utmost importance, in this case, to call the professionals with ServiceMaster by Cornerstone. Our professional cleaning services have specialized equipment meant to help save your business electronics whenever possible.  

If your electronics take a direct hit or splash from water, it may seem worse than it really is, so it is important to call ServiceMaster by Cornerstone to send out our commercial water restoration team to clean, preserve, and to dry out your electronics as soon as possible. This is crucial even if your electronics are only able to be restored long enough to recover data that is all too important to your business. It is also important to note that after an electronic device is splashed or takes a direct hit that it still may need to be replaced eventually. 

When complete submersion of an electronic occurs, it is usually not able to be restored. It is possible to replace damaged parts, but it may still require replacement in the near future. With complete submersion, it is never recommended to turn on your device to check if is operational due to the extreme risk of electrical shock.  

Our water damage restoration services work quickly and efficiently to get you and your business up and running as quickly as possible. Call ServiceMaster by Cornerstone to set up your appointment to talk about emergency preparedness for your business so a plan may be in place if or when a water disaster strikes.