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More winter tips!

The holidays are most often the times when water damage goes unnoticed. Whether it be because of busy traveling or company coming to the house and being to busy to check the basement or attic after a winter storm. Suggestions for preventing these from slipping past your view is to always be aware of the weather outside if it has been raining and you think the roof might have leaked check the attic quickly before you develop mold or go into the basement and check to make sure there isn't a flood. It is easier to take five minutes out of your day to make sure that your home is safe and water free then to discover down the road that mold has been growing or you have standing water. Another unnoticed problem where damage can come from is the build up of snow on the roof which can cause the roof to collapse or leaks from pressure and then you have a large amount of damage to the exterior of your home as well as the interior from where the snow is now resting upon. Homeowners have so many tedious little details to remember when the winter is coming another important one that is overlooked would be on the roof where there are valleys or on the edge of the roof where the eaves are. Ice dams tend to form in these places and can cause extensive damage to your home. The safest possible thing to do is to try and keep your roof as clear as possible in the winter time.