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Mold Removal in Des Moines, IA

Expert Mold Remediation and Inspection in the Des Moines Area

Has your home recently experienced a water disaster? Water damage-related mold can occur in as little as 24-48 hours, so time is of the essence to saving your property. The presence of mold in your home or business is unsettling. If ignored, mold can wreak havoc on both your health and the infrastructure of your property. As one of the most trusted mold removal companies near you, ServiceMaster by Rice - Des Moines has nearly 70 years of experience helping the Des Moines community restore their most valuable properties after disaster.

Our mold remediators will complete water removal and mitigate mold growth caused by:

  • Power outages
  • Burst pipes
  • Flooding
  • Water leaks
  • And more

We handle everything from mold testing to mold removal and remediation.

Looking for professional mold removal in Des Moines, IA? Call(515) 305-3453 orcontact us online. We're available 24/7 to remove mold from your home.

How to Identify Mold in Your Home or Office

Not sure if you have a mold problem?

Here are some common signs of mold growth and exposure:

  • Inexplicable Health Issues – Mold exposure can cause a variety of health issues and symptoms, such as heightened allergy symptoms, headaches, and respiratory problems.
  • Strange or Foul Odor – If your property smells musty, hidden mold may be growing.

  • Water – Water stains or spots are both common causes of mold growth.

Understanding Mold Growth

Mold spores are microscopic. Even in a healthy environment, a certain threshold of spores exists. If an overgrowth or outbreak of mold in your home or office exists, it is due to conditions that allow the mold spores to colonize.

It is crucial to control the conditions that allow mold to thrive—this is the key to preventing mold issues.

How to Remove Mold: What Is Mold Remediation?

In essence, mold remediation is a very thorough mold removal process. It involves mold testing, mold removal, air filtration, and home restoration. The goal is to thoroughly treat the mold problem and prevent it from coming back.

For instance, when it comes to solving mold issues, it is important to solve any water or moisture issues simultaneously. Without the complete drying of a high-moisture area or leak, effective remediation is not possible.

Our water removal service teams and mold specialists work together to ensure all angles of your mold problem are taken care of.

What to Expect from the Mold Restoration Process

Here's more info on our mold remediation process at ServiceMaster by Rice - Des Moines:

  1. Mold inspection and testing: First, we will take a look at your property conditions and conduct mold testing to determine whether mold growth exists. A standard quoting fee of $150 is charged toward your remediation service.
  2. Source treatment: If we find anything (and with your approval), we will treat the source of the mold to prevent future growth.
  3. Complete drying and restoration: Next, we will completely dry the structural source to prevent future growth, as well as restore any affected areas of your home.

Get Commercial & Residential Mold Removal & Remediation in Des Moines Today

At ServiceMaster by Rice - Des Moines, we're a mold clean-up company whose technicians are IICRC certified for applied structural drying and mold remediation. We are capable of handling mold growth issues at any level. And we never take any steps without customer approval first. You can rest easy knowing you won't be hit with a surprise bill!

Let our Des Moines mold remediation specialists take care of your home or business—give us a call if you suspect the presence of mold in your property.

    To learn more about our mold remediation services in Des Moines, Call(515) 305-3453 or contact us online today.