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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage: Commercial Fire Damage Restoration & Clean Up

ServiceMaster by Singer helps commercial properties and businesses fully recover from fire damage. We are a full-service fire disaster restoration and cleanup company serving the Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Wilmington communities. We can help you quickly recover from losses due to fire damage.

As Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Specialists, ServiceMaster by Singer has the training, experience, and necessary specialized equipment to restore commercial properties and businesses. We commit to providing full-service restoration and cleanup services to return your property to pre-fire condition as quickly as possible. We will handle all your commercial property needs, including but not limited to commercial fire damage restoration, pack out, clean up, and structural repairs. Beyond any physical work that is necessary, we can also help with insurance carriers, insurance policies (including the building owner’s master policy and tenant policies like Betterments and Improvements Insurance, Contents Liability Insurance, etc.), or any other complications resulting from your loss. Our Fire Damage Restoration Specialists are fast, efficient, and have the right solution for you and your organization to recover from a fire.

Contact us immediately or call (410) 346-9336 for your commercial fire restoration needs.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration & Clean Up: Full Services

Our Commercial Fire Damage Restoration & Clean Up Process

Our team is here to help your commercial property or business from start to finish.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Team is available 24/7 for fire damage emergency services. Call immediately to begin the full-service restoration and cleanup process. Check out our to-do’s and NOT to-do’s before ServiceMaster by Singer specialists arrive.

  • Emergency Response
    • Call us as immediately to help minimize damage, secondary damage, and replacement costs. Our Fire Damage Specialists will complete a fire and smoke assessment of the property. Onsite, we provide a written estimate and start mitigating the damage. We arrange board up service and evaluate sensitive items for emergency pre-cleaning.
  • Security of Property
    • Our security and protective efforts include board up and tarping. Often, fire damage or fire department's efforts to commercial property or business results in non-functioning windows, doors, or structural openings. It is important to secure the property from more damage, intrusion, theft, and as a safety precaution.
  • Assessment of Facility
    • It is best to immediately document all damages and at-risk structures and contents. We work with our clients to create a preliminary action plan. If this event is an insurance claim, we will also work with the Insurance Carrier for approvals to ensure that work being performed is approved from the Carrier. Priorities will be established, and we will finalize procedures to best serve our client.
  • Corrosion Control
    • Once the fire is out, the acidic soot and gases left behind after a fire can continue to damage expensive parts of your building materials and contents. We can reduce that damage by providing corrosion control. Certain materials are at risk and need to be treated fast to stop the damage.
  • Packout & Content Restoration
    • Depending on the fire, your contents and furnishings may be inventoried, packed, and safely transported. We will store your items at our secure, climate-controlled location for cleaning, deodorization, restoration, and storage until the structural restoration is complete. We work to restore all property to a pre-loss condition when possible. Sometimes, we cannot restore all items. Others could cost more to restore than their actual worth. We advise you and your insurance claim representative to explain the limits of our restoration services.
  • Duct Cleaning
    • During a fire, damaging smoke and soot often spread to other areas of your commercial property or business through the HVAC air duct system. ServiceMaster by Singer conducts recommended thorough cleanings to restore the indoor air quality.
  • Structural Cleaning & Restoration
    • After removing commercial property or business contents, our team will begin the structural restoration process. Our Fire Damage Specialists are knowledgeable of smoke, soot, and water cleanup and restoration.
  • Smoke, Soot & Odor Removal
    • Fire restoration projects often include smoke and soot cleanup of rooms the fire did not reach. Untreated, the soot and smoke left behind can cause continuous damage, and the lingering odors can make the structure uncomfortable to occupy.
  • Construction
    • Our Fire Damage Specialists will restore everything in their power of your commercial property or business. However, some of the property will need to be re-built. ServiceMaster by Singer reconstructs spaces to their new condition.

Contact Our Experts For Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

Insurance providers often recommend ServiceMaster by Singer because our company is reliable and efficient. We will immediately clean up the commercial property or business and recover possessions and belongings. Our goal is to work quickly to help you return safely to your property as soon as possible.

Contact us immediately or call (410) 346-9336 for commercial fire damage restoration. Emergency response teams are available to deal with fire damages and help get your commercial property or business on the right track to recovery.