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Document Restoration

Specialty Services: Commercial Vital Document Recovery

Recovering damaged documents from commercial properties and businesses is crucial, as these documents are extremely important and valuable. A natural disaster can cause storm and water damage, destroying the physical state of paper documents and leading to mold and mildew growth. The possibility of mold and mildew growth can ruin documents and cause health hazards. Soot from smoke and fire can also do serious damage to documents as well, so call ServiceMaster by Singer immediately to fix this issue.

Our Commercial Document Restoration Specialists are available 24/7 to recover and restore important documents in the Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Wilmington areas. The sooner you contact us or call (410) 346-9336, your chances of full document restoration increase.

Commercial Document Restoration: Full-Services

At your commercial property or business, we understand that you keep essential personal and business documents there. Damage to the property can require restoration and clean up services. As part of ServiceMaster by Singer’s full-service restoration, we provide document restoration to help recover damaged papers and documents.

Personal Documents

  • Financial Accounts
  • Housing Papers
  • Legal Papers
  • Passports
  • Tax Returns
  • Vehicle Documents
  • Vital Records

Business Documents

  • Banking Records
  • Building Lease
  • Business License
  • Employee Records
  • Payroll Records
  • Sales Receipts
  • Service Contracts
  • Tax Return

Document Restoration Terminology

  • Cockling - Cockled paper develops when paper gets wrinkled, rippled, or ridged because of water damage without proper drying. After moisture exposure, wet documents must be properly restored as soon as possible to preserve as much detail as possible. If your documents experience cockling, do not, under any circumstances, attempt to flatten out the creases and ripples in the paper. You need professional document restoration experts as soon as possible to help ensure the best possible outcome for your essential property.
  • Foxing – When certain microbes come in contact with your documents, as a result of them being stored in damp air, the paper can become damaged. Smaller red and/or brown stains may form. Keep in mind, if the dark lines and spots are a result of evaporated liquid this is a different issue entirely, known as tide lines.
  • Mat Burning – If your documents are subjected to acidic storage containment materials, the paper may become discolored, often turning darker or more yellow than the original condition. If your busines or organization is harmed by any of these types of document damage, reach out to restoration professionals for help for a best-case result.

Contact Our Experts For Commercial Document Restoration Services

After a natural disaster or your commercial property experiencing water damage, your business operations will be interrupted and create chaos. ServiceMaster by Singer is available for full-service restoration and clean up, including document restoration, so you can focus on getting back into your daily routine.

When time is essential, and restoration services are crucial, our team is professional, reliable, and efficient. Popular insurance agencies in the area and local business owners recommend ServiceMaster by Singer for restoring properties to pre-loss condition. We understand the proper handling of water-soaked documents and will work to restore these critical items and help mitigate your loss. Do not stress; ServiceMaster by Singer is here for you – call us today!

Contact us immediately or call (410) 346-9336 for your document restoration needs.

Find Out More About Our Proprietary Disaster Preparation Program

To be able to effectively implement a customizable comprehensive disaster solution for you and your organization, we need to work together to plan for the possibility of future document damage.

This would include onboarding your company’s unique needs and property specifications.

There are many important questions to consider prior to the event of a document damage:

  • What do your insurance policies (there may be multiple relevant policies) cover?
  • What is your deductible on each policy? Will you be paying out pocket?
  • Where can our team park to minimize business operations?
  • Do you want trucks with our company name and logo showing up at your property?
  • What structures, systems, and materials are we allowed (and not allowed) to work on?
  • Who should we first talk to upon arrival at your facilities or building (this may vary depending on the time)?
  • What authority does this person have to make financial decisions for the company?
  • and many more…

Please reach out to us prior to a loss, or needing our restoration services, so that we can help prepare you for a catastrophic event and save you money when it does happen. Find out more about our proprietary Disaster Preparation Program to see how you and your organization can minimize a future loss’s impact on your operation.