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Hurricane Damage Restoration in Corpus Christi

When a hurricane reaches coastal cities, large amounts of damage can occur to both homes and businesses. When this happens, it's important to find a local restoration company you can trust. At the first sign of damage, be sure to give ServiceMaster Central of Corpus Christi a call for high-quality service! Our team of professional hurricane restoration experts are available whenever you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We'll work hard to restore your home's comfort, safety, and appearance.

We're a locally owned and operated restoration company dedicated to helping you restore your home to normal quickly. Backed by a national franchise with over 65 years of industry-leading service, you'll have complete peace of mind that our team's work will be nothing short of perfection.

What Damage Can a Hurricane Cause to My Home?

Hurricanes, cyclones, and other tropical systems can cause intense damage to properties once they reach land. While the extent of damage dealt depends on your specific location and the location of the storm's eye, even the outskirts of the hurricane can receive massive wind and flood damage.

Winds & Tornadoes

For a tropical storm to a hurricane, the wind speeds must be at least 74 mph. With winds this high, the damage to your home will likely be severe.

Not only can heavy winds damage your windows and roofing, uproot trees, and down power lines, they can even cause tornadoes under specific conditions. The strong winds will not only cause cosmetic damage to your home but also has the chance to cause severe damage to your property's structure.

Rainfall & Flooding

Hurricanes and tropical storms can produce anywhere from six to 12 inches of rainfall. When Hurricane Hanna struck Corpus Christi in 2020, the local and surrounding areas saw upwards to 18 inches of rain. And in 1978, Hurricane Amelia dumped a total of 48 inches of rain! Regardless of the specific amount of rain a hurricane delivers, severe flooding is common with tropical systems of all kinds.

Whether it's from an overworked sump pump in the basement, a leak in the roof, or flooding that came through the front door, things should be addressed as soon as possible by a professional restoration company. Instead of regular water, the water that causes flooding in hurricanes is black, gray, and unsanitary.

Regardless of the damage, it's essential to ensure the areas are completely dry after the rain stops. If the site is not dried correctly after removing soiled materials, it has a chance to grow mold in as little as 48 hours. Any mold in the home creates a significant health and safety hazard for you and your family that needs to be taken seriously. If you or our team spots mold growth, we'll apply our proven mold remediation and removal services to ensure your home is safe.

Request Your Corpus Christi Hurricane Restoration Services

At ServiceMaster Central of Corpus Christi, we'll walk you through the renovation process from beginning to end, helping you ensure success every step of the way. We'll update you regularly during our process and make sure that our water, storm, and wind damage renovation will be completed in accordance with the highest standards. Our team can even help make the insurance process more manageable due to our decades of expertise.

Are you looking for hurricane restoration delivered by a team of experts? Give us a call at (361) 203-8356 to request service today!