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Spring and summer may not feel like the critical times for burst pipes in your Decorah, IA, home, but the fact of the matter is that pipes don’t need to freeze to burst. Even if winter is a popular catalyst for burst pipes, there are a multitude of factors that can impact whether or not a pipe stays stable year-round. The water damage professionals with ServiceMaster Cleaning Services encourage all homeowners to stay vigilant and learn to identify warning signs that could save your home from significant water damage all at once or overtime.

Burst pipes tend to be pretty low on a lot of homeowners’ radars, especially owners of recently built homes. But even if it’s unlikely, that doesn’t mean burst pipes are impossible. It’s true that older homes with older pipes may be more susceptible, but flukes, failures, and errors do happen in any home. Pipes are fallible and water is very good at finding any little flaw in just about every type of structure. Keeping your eyes peeled for signs and symptoms of burst pipes is a good rule of thumb for all homeowners whether your house is old or new, especially because water damage from burst pipes may not be as obvious as you might expect.

Remember that a burst pipe isn’t always an explosion of water and a flurry of activity; sometimes it’s a little more subtle. Water may be trickling behind your walls or in spots that you don’t regularly see and is now creating an environment for decay, mold growth, or structural water damage along the way. There are, of course, times where a burst pipe literally breaks out of nowhere, but in either a slow or fast scenario, the water damage can be devastating.

Some signs that a water pipe is damaged or may be at risk of bursting include unexpectedly changes in water pressure; puddles in areas with frequent water usage; inexplicable running water sounds, gurgling, or trickling; and perhaps the subtlest of all, a slowly rising water bill. Some of these signs may be a precursor to a  pipe about to burst while others may be indicative of a water damage problem already in progress. As soon as any of these signs become apparent, consult a water damage expert for professional mitigation.

If your Decorah, IA, home has been impacted by a burst pipe, or if you’ve experienced behind-the-scenes water damage from a pipe failure, our team can help. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services water damage experts today at (563) 412-5402 or visit our website for more information.