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Man inspecting a fire damaged stove

Fire damage impacts the area around the ignition area in more ways than meets the eye at first glance. In fact, fire damage can go beyond melting, warping, and burning, and leave soot and residue that seeps into walls and furniture. Once this type of fire damage really settles in, it can be difficult to return to your normal routine until the last remnants of the damage are removed. Thanks to ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, you can get back to normal faster and with a fresh, soot-free start for your Decorah, IA, home.

Soft surfaces tend to be the most vulnerable to lasting soot-based damage due to the natural porosity of cloth fibers and fabrics. This means that without the intervention of fire damage restoration professionals, curtains, clothes, and carpets may look and smell sooty for some time after damage occurs.

Unfortunately, hard surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and linoleum as well as wood floors aren’t immune to flame and soot damage either. Though they’re less likely to retain strong smells after surface cleaning, even the most solid-seeming surface can have enough porosity to play host to all manner of residual fire debris. And perhaps the most subtle of all, soot can also float into and coat the inside of vents and duct airways. If this occurs, it can perpetuate the smell of smoke, lead to irritation of your eyes or lungs, or just generally be frustrating to smell and breathe as you try to make your recovery from the fire event.

Regardless of where the soot has settled, neglecting flame and soot damage is never an option. Soot, smoke, and other byproducts can be corrosive by nature and may result in additional damage to your home. Plus, the lingering smoky smell can serve as a constant reminder of the damage that you’ve experienced. Effective fire damage restoration will leave your home residue-free and smelling clean, fresh, and finally, familiar again.

If you’re looking for fire damage restoration and cleaning that you can trust, the IICRC certified experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning Services can help. Decorah, IA, residents in need of fire damage restoration should call us today at (563) 412-5402 or contact us online for more information.