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Man and woman cleaning a floor

Promoting a welcoming environment at your Decorah, IA business means keeping your facilities clean and refreshed for workers and visitors alike. The business cleaning process doesn’t necessarily have to take significant time out of the workday, and if done properly, the results can make a positive impact on your image, the atmosphere, and the quality of business that you can provide. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers expert upholstery cleaning for all business owners looking to boost comfort levels and brighten offices.

With expert upholstery cleaning you can:

  • Ensure Clean Office Air – Upholstery has the unique ability to attract and retain particulates, dander, and debris. Whether it’s covering couches in the lounge or hanging on curtains in the lobby, dust and dirt can make a terrible impression. Employees with allergies, asthma, or otherwise sensitive senses may find themselves struggling to be productive in a dust or allergen-heavy environment. This may also impact prospective clients with similar difficulties. By investing in deep upholstery cleaning, you can help visitors feel at home and breathe easy.
  • Cut Costs – It’s amazing what a difference proper upholstery cleaning makes for furniture and curtains. Rather than regularly investing in replacements for high-wear items, a thorough upholstery cleaning session restores the colors and looks of every upholstered item in need. Plus, by treating your office furniture to a little TLC and some professional business cleaning, you can extend its life and avoid spending time and money finding suitable replacements.
  • Get a Fresh Start – Finally, upholstery cleaning gives your office the chance for a fresh start. When your office looks and feels brighter you can feel reassured that you’re setting the best example for employees, putting forth your best self for your business partners, and setting your business up for success. Whether you’re aiming to attract new clientele or hoping to keep your business steady, the power of appearances in the business world should never be underestimated.

If you’re in need of business cleaning services including upholstery cleaning, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is here to lend a hand. Decorah, IA business owners can call today at (563) 412-5402 or contact us online for details.