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Tips on How to Waterproof Your Roof to Prevent Water Damage

The roof of your home or building is an integral part of its structure. It keeps precipitation and other outside forces from entering the property, providing you protection from the elements. Roofs also help keep a structure intact, which is why damaged roofing is a serious concern.

Roofs are prone to harm because they are exposed to the elements. Many roofs, in fact, are not designed to handle the most severe storms, so they can undergo damage easily.

Wind and precipitation, such as hail, can quickly cause roof damage by denting or breaking shingles and roof tiles. With heavy winds, these roofing materials can be blown off altogether, making the roof vulnerable. When heavy precipitation occurs, water can pool up on your roof and cause enough pressure to damage the roof. Just 1 cubic foot of rain can weigh over 60 pounds.

Other things, such as animals and blown debris, can come into contact with your roof and harm it as well. In such a case, water can easily make its way into your building, leading to serious water damage. With time, shingles will become worn out, too. This is because the radiation from the sun’s rays can crack and warp roof shingles.

Regardless of what causes the damage, it is in your best interest to waterproof your roof. Use the following tips to prevent roof leaks, waterproof the roof, and limit the potential for roof damage.

Clear the Roof of Debris

When leaves, branches, and other debris gather on the roof, they can cause water to accumulate by restricting access to the gutters. Water pools up instead of draining into the gutters and being directed away from the building. Because of this, you should regularly clear your property’s roof of any debris.

Additionally, trim any trees near your roof. Long branches can break off and collide into the roof, resulting in damage and providing water with an opening to enter the building.

Conduct Roof Repairs

All it takes for water to seep beneath a roof and into a property is one damaged shingle. Knowing this, always take the time to promptly repair roof damage. If shingles are broken, either repair them using roof cement or replace them to prevent roof leaks. If shingles have blown off and are missing, install replacements.

A couple of shingles can be simple enough to fix on your own. However, if you find that a significant number of shingles need to be repaired or replaced, then it is best you seek help from a professional roofer.

Apply Water Repellent

Another way to waterproof your roof is to apply water repellent. While water repellent does not completely prevent water damage, it adds extra protection against water. That said, it is worth applying a layer of water repellent to your roof after it has been repaired.

Because moisture is a key ingredient for mold and mildew growth, water repellent will also limit the potential for such growth on your roof.

Maintain Temperature Control of the Roof

A roof’s structure can warp or suffer structural damage when the temperature fluctuates. But by insulating your attic, you can keep the heat inside of your property and prevent it from affecting the roof.

During the winter months, your roof can also be threatened by heavy snowfalls. If too much snow accumulates, the roof can buckle and cave in. If the snow melts quickly enough, it becomes water that can drain through the gutters. Add heat tape to warm up the gutters so that snow and ice can melt quicker instead of building up.

Respond to a Roof Leak and Resulting Water Damage

If you waterproof your roof, then the chance of your property suffering water damage is minimized, but not eliminated completely.

If your roof has been harmed, and water damage has resulted, seek professional help right away. All cases of water damage are an emergency, but even more so when it concerns a damaged roof.

When excess water is present, porous building materials will absorb the moisture. The materials weaken when they take in the water and spread it to other areas. With enough time, the water damage can result in mold growth, which creates a whole other set of problems. This makes immediate action crucial, otherwise, the damage will only get worse.

Hire Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. provides professional water damage restoration and cleanup services for both residential and commercial properties Stoneham, MA, and the surrounding areas. Within our services, we will address the water source, extract the excess water and moisture, thoroughly dry damaged areas, and restore and repair the damage.

Our technicians are certified, trained, and equipped to handle all levels of water damage, so you can trust us to restore your home or building to a safe environment following a roof leak or other water damage issues.

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