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Water Damage Restoration- Wilmington, MA

No matter the amount, any water damage in your residential or commercial property can become a serious issue. It doesn’t matter if the water damage is caused by flooding, a plumbing problem, a burst pipe, or another source; porous furnishings, flooring, and building materials will absorb the excess water and moisture. This will ruin their structure and create the ideal conditions for mold growth. If not addressed promptly, then the water will continue to spread, and the damage will worsen.

With our complete water damage cleanup and restoration services, ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. can help water-damaged residences and businesses in Wilmington, MA. Our flood damage restoration services are also available to residential and commercial properties in the surrounding areas of Essex and Middlesex counties. The technicians we employ are properly certified, equipped, and trained to provide water and flood damage restoration and cleanup help for any level of damage. Within our services, we stop the water from spreading, extract the excess water and moisture, completely dry the area and materials affected, and restore the damage.

Dangers of Water Damage in Wilmington, MA

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If excess water is present, then it can be absorbed by drywall, flooring, insulation, wood, and other porous building materials, making water damage dangerous. This absorption can cause staining, rotting, and warping. If walls and ceilings take on too much water, then the structural damage becomes serious. The water’s presence also encourages mold growth, which will cause its own problems.

Residential and Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Wilmington, MA

We at ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. are prepared to provide water damage cleanup and restoration to homes and businesses in the Wilmington, MA, with all levels of water damage. Our technicians will quickly arrive at your property to contain and stop the water, preventing the damage from worsening. We will then conduct an assessment to gather the necessary information for a proper restoration plan. Using advanced water extraction and dehumidification equipment, we remove water from your property and extract moisture from damaged materials.

Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration in Wilmington, MA –
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For commercial water damage cleanup and mitigation services in Wilmington, MA, contact ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. at (800) 649-6369.

Our Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Process in Wilmington, MA

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Contact Us for Flood and Water Damage Restoration in Wilmington, MA

Water damage can worsen quickly, which will lead to structural damage and mold. If your residence or commercial property sustains water or flood damage, get immediate water damage restoration and cleanup assistance from ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. We will work efficiently to limit the water damage and restore your residence or business to its original state.

Call us at (800) 649-6369 for the water damage restoration and cleanup services we provide in Wilmington, MA and the surrounding communities.

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