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Fire Extinguisher Residue Cleanup

Commercial Cleaning in North Smithfield, Rhode Island

Sometimes the devices that are meant to help keep us safe actually do more harm than good. That was the case for this warehouse in Providence County, Rhode Island. A heat sensor malfunctioned in their fire suppression system, releasing a fine powder throughout the building, and coating everything in a layer of dust. The type of fire extinguishers required in a manufacturing warehouse contains a dry chemical powder that is used to smother the flames. 

These fire extinguishers are typically very reliable but malfunctions can happen. Cleaning up after an accidental dry powder release is preferable to losing everything in a fire. However, cleanup of the powder residue requires proper protective equipment as it can be harmful to your health. The powder contains chemicals that are corrosive in nature and require quick, meticulous cleanup. Our technicians HEPA vacuumed the finite dust while using air scrubber equipment, and carefully wiped down all the surfaces and contents affected. The team erected containment barriers to prevent the dust from spreading to unaffected areas as we cleaned. 

A look inside our cleaning process:

The property was restored and back in business within 3 days. We work quickly to get your property back to normal with minimal interruption. If your home or business requires disaster restoration cleaning, we can help.