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Old Home in Crystal Lake Gets HVAC System Restored

Wall cavity air return beforeWall cavity air return afterOld homes can be charming but they can also hold remnants of previous homeowners. Most homes today are built with metal cold air returns that feed the air back to the HVAC unit via duct work, this home was built with wall cavity air returns. This allows for potential contamination throughout the home and could be damaging to the HVAC unit. We were quite surprised when we opened up the air return and unveiled over 40lbs of construction debris and insulation.

Supply duct beforeSupply duct afterAdditional work needs to be done to close the system and protect from future contamination, but we feel great knowing that our efforts improve the indoor air quality for this family.

This is the main supply trunk for the home. If your home has never had the ducts cleaned, your system could look like the “before” picture below.

Still unsure if your home needs duct cleaning? Check out this publication from the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Duct Cleaning | EPA.

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