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Hoarding Cleaning in Hartford, WI

Hoarding is a common issue that affects millions of Americans every day. Many individuals are aware of the conditions in the home associated with hoarding. Oftentimes, one will experience unnecessary items littering hallways and rooms. But many do not realize that these conditions are backed by a deep level of anxiety. This often entails many individual battles on a daily basis.

As the hoard in the home continues to grow over time, so do the dangers. Risks like fire and slip-and-trip hazards become worse. Items can litter walkways and block fire exits. They can also harbor the perfect conditions for mold and mildew growth.

ServiceMaster Kwik Restore provides professional hoarding cleaning services in Hartford, WI. We will fully remove all unnecessary items while restoring the home to a safe and cleaning living environment.

The Problems with Hoarding

It’s very important to take a respectful approach to the hoarding cleanup process. It's easy to forget that the individual is suffering from a mental disorder. Oftentimes, cleanup will start with the involvement of a loved one to help the hoarder realize their situation. Sometimes, an individual is too embarrassed to reach out for help themselves. Other times, individuals may not even realize the risks of their situation.

In hoarding situations, affected individuals often developed an emotional attachment with their belongings. The cleaning process can be very difficult for them. Years of experience have helped our technicians know how to help homeowners in distress. When addressing these situations, we take a compassionate approach when cleaning the home.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup

Our technicians are trained and experienced when starting this process. We create a cleaning plan that puts the individual in charge of deciding which items to remove. Then, items are sorted and donated or thrown away. After this, we use professional products and equipment to restore safe living conditions.

Any biohazardous materials, such as dead animals, mold, bacteria, or bodily fluids will also be eliminated. Our professionals work in compliance with all EPA, OSHA, and the Department of Transportation’s regulations.

All of the following is included within our hoarding cleanup services:

  • Removal of Unwanted Items: Our professionals will sort through and remove unnecessary belongings. The individual is put in charge of this process, deciding which items are to be kept and removed.
  • Decontamination: After the items are removed, the home will be disinfected.
  • Odor Removal: Any odors from biohazards or mold will be removed using powerful ozone technology.
  • Proper Disposal: All unwanted items will either be thrown away, donated, or recycled. Biohazardous materials will be safely transported to a medical waste facility.

If not addressed in a timely manner, the hazards of hoarding can threaten the health and safety of everyone living on the property. If you have a loved one dealing with this, it’s important to reach out to them as soon as possible about their condition. As soon as they have accepted to work with a cleaning service, contact ServiceMaster Kwik Restore for a free estimate.