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Get Ready for Winter with Professional Air Ducts Cleaning

Air ducts stream cool or heated air throughout your home, operating via the home’s HVAC system. A home can contain an entire system of ducts that wind complicated paths throughout the structure to keep it warm in icy temps and cool when the summer sun hammers down. Over time, the air ducts naturally gather dust, pet hair, pollen, dander and maybe even occasional cobwebs. You’d assume the very air ducts that keep your indoor temperatures pleasant may be transporting the debris accumulated within them. Probably, they are. But is it harmful?

The quality of air is essential to the health of the occupants in any home. Homeowners receive a barrage of messages suggesting that regular air duct cleaning is vital to ensuring a supply of clean air within the home. This theory seems logical. However, experts like Dan Stradford, treasurer of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, and even the EPA claim that air duct cleaning will not necessarily improve a home’s indoor air quality in every single situation. There are exceptions.

Before you rally up your horses, here are important points that support the idea that cleaning the HVAC system is a central element to ensure the flow of clean indoor air throughout your home, especially before winter.

Clean Your HVAC System for 4 Compelling Reasons

Major summer construction on your home calls for a major cleanup before winter. Having your air ducts cleaned once construction is complete ensures your indoor air flow is at its purest. If you had construction done on your home in the months before winter, prepare for cold season by hiring the right HVAC cleaning specialists. After all, you’ll probably be snuggled up indoors much more often in winter months than during summer. You’ll want to breathe the cleanest air possible!

Mold growth is another important reason to clean your air ducts before winter forces you to remain indoors for longer periods of time. Heating and cooling components that harbor mold will disseminate the mold spores into the air, which you breathe. Those with allergies and even those without symptoms are susceptible to allergic reactions caused by the exposure to increases of mold within the air. The presence of mold within any part of a home is a serious health hazard.

Leaky ducts spell disaster for indoor air quality. Airtight air ducts promote good air flow throughout the home. But, when the air ducts lack proper insulation, debris can be transported right along with clean air, leading to a nasty, ventilated mess. In these instances, it makes sense to get them cleaned.

Even if your air ducts are airtight, if someone in your household is susceptible to respiratory problems, allergies or a weakened immune system, then professionally cleaning your home’s HVAC system is an item on your to-do list that deserves immediate attention. Winter allergies are a common concern. So before the cold season spurs allergy symptoms, including congestion and a sore throat, make the call to a professional air duct cleaning service. To help differentiate a cold caused by a virus from allergies caused by poor indoor air quality, employ the following test: If your allergy symptoms suddenly disappear when you’re out of the house, then the air quality within your home may be the culprit.

Clean Air Ducts to Save on Energy and Expenses

When air ducts are clean, the cooled and heated air flows freely. Dirty ducts require more energy to operate. An increase in energy equals a greater financial burden to the homeowner. One solution to save money and ensure optimum performance is to clean your home’s air ducts every three to five years—ideally before winter, when home heating costs shoot through the roof! In the process, you’ll extend the life of your air duct system.

What does a typical ventilation system cleaning cost? The average range for a professional cleaning is $400 to $1000, depending on the number of air ducts, the type of service and the general usage of the ventilation system. A smaller home will slide toward the lower end of the range, while larger homes with extensive ventilation systems will shift toward the higher end.

A professional air duct cleaning features a variety of inclusive services. recommends that all registers should be cleaned, including the interior of the ventilation system, the furnace fan and coils for the heat pump. A disinfectant spray will inhibit mold growth or bacteria. Check with your service provider about the pros and cons of using any type of chemical within the air duct system.

Beware of scammers who charge a low fee and promise to clean your air ducts within an hour or two, who use substandard machinery or who perform unneeded services for an added charge.

Professional air duct cleaning services can be found by referrals through the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Ask for and check references. Make it a point to verify the service provider is licensed within your state. The Better Business Bureau is a good source to check for complaints. Obtain several estimates and be sure to understand the exact services provided in each quote.

Call the Experts Right Around the Bend

One trusted name in air duct cleaning within the Milwaukee region is ServiceMaster Kwik Restore. Our company has built a reputation for solid service and thoroughness within the industry. We offer a variety of options such as routine maintenance cleanings or cleanings that require extensive time, like restorative cleanings.

Winter is around the corner, and so is ServiceMaster Kwik Restore. Our Milwaukee air duct cleaning experts are ready and available to clean your home’s air ducts using advanced machinery and time-tested methods. The result? You’ll enjoy your HVAC system for many more years and save on heating bills each winter. Plus, the occupants in your home will breathe clean, quality air!