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Carpet Cleaning – Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro?

carpet cleaning

Foot traffic, pets, children and the likely possibility of occasional spills warrant regular carpet cleanings.

Experts recommend deep cleaning the carpet every 12 to 18 months, and more often in instances when giggling kids tend to track soiled footprints across the carpeting or if the beloved family dog sheds pet hair.

Carpets are manufactured from diverse materials, like wool, nylon, polyester or polypropylene. The type of fibers rarely impacts the frequency of cleanings necessary to maintain an exuberant look.

The priciest wool carpeting optimally withstands heavy foot traffic and consequently requires less intense carpet cleanings to bounce the fibers back up.

Nylon carpeting, which makes up 65 percent of carpeting in US households, stands up to wear and tear. Polyester carpets are the least expensive.

Polyester fibers are easy to clean and resistant to stains; however, polyester carpets have the least capability of resisting wear and tear. Polypropylene fibers are dense, making them ideal for the basement.

Left unmaintained, carpets accumulate a noticeable buildup of grime and dirt, which breaks down carpet fibers.

You can sustain the brilliance of all carpet types with weekly vacuuming, or every two days in high traffic areas. Schedule carpet deep cleanings yearly.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning and maintenance extends the carpet’s lifetime. Indoor air pollutants, like pet dander, particle pollution, cockroach allergens and noxious airborne gases are trapped within the carpet fibers. Simply walking across the dirty carpet releases the gases and dirt, which then pollutes the air inside the home.

Professional carpet cleaners utilize special cleaning detergents or shampoos that eliminate the bacteria lodged in the carpets. Allergies caused by the feces and bodily parts of dust mites are effectively reduced by steam cleaning. Dust mites are unable to withstand the scalding water temperatures professional steam cleaning machines spray onto the carpet fibers.

Professional carpet cleanings also eliminate mold growth. High-powered machinery suctions out all moisture from the cleaned carpets, preventing the risk of a mold infestation.

Homeowners may debate on whether or not to clean the carpets themselves or hire a professional service to whisk away the deeply embedded grime within the fibers.

Needless to say, a combination of DIY work and hiring a pro will keep the carpet sanitized and sparkling like new.

Steam Cleaning: Pro and DIY Machines

The benefit of hiring a pro to steam clean the carpets is that the technicians utilize powerful machinery to thoroughly cleanse the carpets. Professionals spray the carpet with sanitizing hot water and an effective cleaning agent.

An industrial strength steam cleaner extracts the water along with embedded dirt. The pros utilize exceedingly hot water to steam clean, resulting in a disinfecting, deep clean.

Plus, the professionals use a steam cleaner that thoroughly suctions out every drop of moisture, leaving the carpet only slightly damp.

DIY steam cleaning has contrasting results. Steam cleaners are available to homeowners to rent or purchase.

The two primary differences between professional steam cleaning machines and the machines available to lay persons from a local hardware store are the temperature of the hot water and the level of water extraction.

DIY machines fail to heat the water to the scalding level of professional machines. Mildly hot water fails to sanitize as thoroughly as water at exceedingly high temperatures. Plus, when the DIY machine suctions out the water, it fails to have the capability to remove all traces of water, leaving the carpet wet and, consequently, subject to mold growth and water damage to the floor underneath.

Homeowners are burdened with the extra task of placing fans on the carpet to speed up drying. If DIY steam cleaning before a gathering, homeowners will have to endure a waiting period, as furniture may only be placed back once the carpets are fully dry.

Steam Cleaning Costs: Pro Services and DIY

Homeowners are likely to weigh the costs associated with cleaning their carpets. Hiring professional carpet cleaners annually will cost homeowners $176 on average, with most services falling between $121 and $233.

Cleaning rates vary, factoring in square footage or number of rooms. Carpet cleaning companies may charge a flat rate based on the quantity of rooms, sometimes regardless of the square footage.

Other companies may put a cap on the square footage of the rooms to be cleaned, adjusting the cleaning costs or treating a larger room as two rooms. Plus, condo owners and apartment renters will pay a higher cost due to the additional expense of cleaning materials and travel.

Local hardware stores carry a variety of steam cleaners. Any homeowner can purchase one and be prepared to tackle regular spills and pet accidents promptly.

Steam cleaner prices start at $99 and can balloon upwards to $449. Alternatively, rental companies rent out steam cleaners.

Most homeowners will need to rent a steam cleaner for a day rather than multiple days, paying on average $35 plus cleaning solution fees. The rental company will specify which cleaning detergent is suitable for their machines.

Keep your carpets bright, clean and long lasting with the professional carpet cleaning services from ServiceMaster Kwik Restore. With one call, experienced technicians arrive to provide an initial evaluation.

After pre-treatment, our proven hot water extraction method is performed. Odor removal is offered if the carpets possess any foul smells.

The optional Scotch Guard Protection treatment extends the life of your carpets. A final inspection completes the reliable carpet cleaning service from ServiceMaster Restore.

ServiceMaster Restore specialists are available to treat and clean upholstery in addition to carpets. Services are similar to carpet cleaning and start with an initial inspection. Included in the cleaning is the hot water extraction method to remove embedded debris. As an optional service, odors are eliminated with odor removal technology.

When you elect to sidestep a DIY carpet cleaning, turn to the professional team of carpet cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Restore.

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