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Wood Floor Care

When you first had your wood floor installed, your floors were flawless. Over time, however, scratches and dirt diminished the beauty of your hardwood floor. Contaminants can break down the makeup of your flooring if not maintained correctly. The longer you go without a wood floor cleaning, the less life your floors have. ServiceMaster of Cobb uses safe products that go deep to get rid of all contaminants affecting your wood flooring. We extend the life of your floors and leave them sparkling clean.


Regular maintenance is essential for hardwood floors if we want them last for a longer period of time. ServiceMaster of Cobb is an expert in wood floor cleaning and refinishing. People usually use water and low-quality products for cleaning hardwood floors. But water can dull the finish and even damage the wood. As professionals, we use high quality products to eliminate dirt and contaminants off the floor. We adopt scientific methods for cleaning so that the floor is well-protected from damages and also gets extended life. Giving the best cleaning experience to customers is what ServiceMaster of Cobb is concerned about. At the end of the day, we want our customers to be happy and satisfied. You can call us anytime because we are available 24/7. We will respond to your call immediately and provide the best cleaning services you can imagine. Our services are executed in a professional manner and we always maintain a friendly relationship with our customers. We are dependable contractors if you are looking for one with good customer relations.

Our Wood Floor Cleaning Process


Our professionally-trained Wood Floor Cleaning technicians will perform a thorough inspection to identify deep scratches and blemishes.

They will also determine if your floor has an acrylic coating.

Our Wood Floor Cleaning process is not designed to repair deep scratches, gouges, discolorations or stains in the wood and is not intended for use on bare wood floors.

Deep Cleaning

The next step is to perform a deep cleaning of the wood floor using our specially-formulated, green-certified cleaner, which will remove dirt, debris and any contaminants from the surface and grain of the wood.

The result is a sparkling clean and streak-free floor.

Additionally, a sanitizer can be added to remove unwanted bacteria and germs, helping keep your home clean and healthy.

Wood Floor Polish

The final step is the application of our Wood Floor Polish to highlight the beauty of the floor and wood grain. Our Polish also adds and additional protective layer to the surface until the next cleaning is needed.