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With the start of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season just a few weeks away, Georgia residents should prepare for possible heavy rains and wind caused by hurricanes. Residents must prepare so they can reduce the risk of the harm brought about by major storms.

When it comes to water damage restoration in Marietta GA, time is of the essence. Water damage can expand very quickly and suddenly. You need a certified and experienced team you can count on for immediate results to save your home from the devastating effects of a hurricane.

ServiceMaster of Cobb‘s water damage restoration specialists and technicians do more than simply treat the obvious water damage. We tackle the core of the problem, eliminating further sources of damage such as mold and invading moisture to prevent further damage. Our include water damage restoration services in Marietta GA include:

Inspection and assessment.

  • Water removal Marietta GA
  • Anti-microbial application.
  • Drying with air movement.
  • Drying with dehumidification.
  • Monitor drying.


1. Make a plan.

Planning for an imminent disaster is a must. Identify the evacuation route in one’s neighborhood and determine the place to take shelter.

2. Prepare emergency supplies.

There must be a prepared kit of emergency supplies in case there is a need to evacuate or electricity is lost. A sufficient supply of food water good for at least three days must be included in this kit, as well as a first aid kit. The needs of family members with special needs must be taken into consideration as well as specific items for children. Important documents must be kept in a waterproof container.

3. Secure your property.

Homeowners must make sure that their properties are secured with pre-cut plywood or hurricane shutters to cover all windows. Garage doors must be well protected from high winds.

4. Review your insurance policies.

Check and review whether your home is insured or whether it is a flood zone. Homes that are flood-prone should consider calling a water damage restoration company like ServiceMaster of Cobb.

5. Keep abreast of news especially from emergency officials.

The best thing to do during a storm is to always follow the instructions of the local government. People must be knowledgeable of what to do when there is a hurricane watch or a hurricane warning. The former means a hurricane is possible in the area while the latter means that there is an expected hurricane in the area.

6. Stay indoors.

There are instances when evacuation is near to impossible. It is recommended to take shelter in a windowless interior room. Do not be deceived by a sudden lull in the storm as the hurricane’s eye moves. Always follow local authorities when they order to stay in the shelters.

7. Listen to the news.

There is a possibility that local officials might not be able to update information regarding the situation of a locality. People should watch TV or check the internet for weather updates.

8. Be updated with tornadoes and flooding.

Hurricanes are usually paired with tornadoes and flooding. Always think in advance and prepare in advance. A person should not wait until the arrival of a hurricane. They must be prepared as gas stations and grocery store lines get stuck during emergencies. Risks in the area should also be considered, like wildfires to earthquakes or tornadoes. Being prepared for the next disaster is best.


Hurricanes bring with them high winds, storm surges, and inland flooding. Floodwaters can destroy a structure within a short period of time. Moreover, rain or a storm surge or a slight storm damage can cause a leak in the house and result in water damage. When this happens, don’t forget to call ServiceMaster of Cobb for your water damage restoration in Marietta, GA. Your ServiceMaster by Cobb representative will work to ensure a seamless recovery process, from initial mitigation, cleanup, and restoration of building contents, all the way through restoring your home.