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When your home has water damage, it’s very likely that your home will also experience mold growth. If the water damage is serious, then within 24 hours, mold can begin to grow on your property after the water has soaked through to reach the drywall. If you have pipes in your home that are leaking, they can trap moisture in the walls, resulting in water damage and likely mold growth. 

  • One such professional includes ServiceMaster of Cobb Professionals, IICRC-certified, and experienced to remove mold growth of all sizes.
  • After receiving your call, their experts will be on their way to have mold inspection 
  • They will then contain the affected area to prevent the mold from spreading.
  • ServiceMaster of Cobb uses only the latest products and equipment in order to completely remove mold at its source.
  • After a thorough mold remediation Chattanooga, we will ensure that all areas have been restored to their original conditions, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe from unsafe living conditions.


  • Mold growth is particularly concerning because the mold will continue to eat away at affected building materials and increase the damage as it spreads.
  • Mold will also compromise the air quality of your home and pose a health hazard all occupants.
  • Among some of the health concerns that mold presents are eye irritation, coughing, nasal issues, and throat irritation.

Knowing the amount of damage mold can cause, it is important for you to know how to detect mold in your home. However, it can sometimes be difficult to spot mold because it can be hidden. One case of this is mold growth behind your home’s walls.

Here’s what to look for when finding mold behind the walls:


  • Water stains can be yellow or brown in color, so look out for such colors on your walls. If the spots are damp, then that’s an obvious sign of moisture problems as well.
  • Discoloration can also happen in the event that damage has been done from within. This is because the mold will still be visible on the wall’s surface.
  • Mold can appear in many shades, from black to white to brown to gray to green. If your wall has vinyl wallpaper, mold will look pink, orange, or purple in appearance.


  • Your walls’ appearance can change significantly if there’s mold growth behind them. In addition to discoloration and stains, your walls may deteriorate. Paint or wallpaper can crack, peel, or bubble because of moisture and mold growth.
  • Your walls may become warped or even bow or bulge when there’s a water issue, which often leads to mold growth.


  • Mold gives off a musty odor. It is similar to an earthy smell that you would find in a damp forest.
  • If you get down and smell the electrical outlets, then you will be able to more easily sniff out whether there is mold growth behind your walls. It sounds like a silly thing to do, but outlets have good access to the space behind the walls in your home.


Be alert of any of the aforementioned signs. Such things are likely indicators that your home’s walls have mold growing behind them. Considering the damage that mold can have on not only your home’s building materials but also yours and others’ health, it is important that you address any mold growth immediately.

With that being said, if you find your home has mold growth, then you should seek professional mold remediation services. Professionals at ServiceMaster of Cobb can thoroughly tend to the damage, contain the mold, prevent further damage and spreading, conduct necessary repairs or replacements, and even treat your home in a manner that prevents mold from returning.