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How To Proactively Prevent Residential Flooding

The Difference Between Natural & Infrastructural Flooding

Residential flooding can be caused by natural and unnatural causes. Natural flooding scenarios include hurricanes, downpours with poor water runoff, snowmelt, ice dams, or flash floods. In such situations, water levels can elevate too quickly for the drainage systems to channel and divert excess water away. As a result, the excess water will end up descending into basements, leaking into windows, penetrating crawlspaces, and seeping through cracks in the foundation.

Unnatural causes result from infrastructural wear and tear. Common examples of infrastructural flooding include:

  • Ruptured pipes
  • Leaky faucets
  • Broken washing machines
  • Dislocated dishwasher hoses
  • Severed sprinkler heads
  • Compromised sewage lines
  • Broken main water lines
  • Clogged ice machines
  • And much more

These infrastructural complications can cause both sudden, unexpected flooding emergencies or gradual, undetected flooding.

You can rest assured knowing ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs has technicians on standby 24/7 to rush to the rescue. At the same time, we strive to help our customers do everything they can to prepare and defend against flooding to prevent emergencies proactively. That’s why we want to discuss pre-emptive maintenance measures you can take to mitigate residential flooding hazards.

Flooding Causes & Proactive Maintenance Strategies to Reduce Your Risk

Rainwater Flooding from Thunderstorms, Monsoons, & More

Heavy rainfall over a short period can overwhelm your property’s foundation, gutters, downspouts, runoff channels, walls, and soil. Water will follow the path of least resistance if your landscaping and hardscaping fail to absorb or channel it sufficiently – ending up in your basement or rising until it eventually enters your home. This situation can cause severe water damage to your property and a lingering host of problems, including mold, mildew, rust, infestations, and decay.

Cleaning out gutters, installing gutters, buying a sump pump, landscaping strategically, and creating water runoff channels are wise solutions that can help you avoid rainwater flooding without breaking the bank. Reach out to our team for further recommendations and restoration advice!

Sewer & Main Water Line Flooding

Flooding can occur in basements, crawl spaces, and residences due to ruptured pipes, clogged sewer lines, or other piping/drainage issues. Sewer flooding is commonplace in historic homes due to old sewer lines, cast iron piping, and faulty septic systems. Basement flooding can also result from improperly waterproofed foundations, wall or roof gaps, leaky doors/windows, ineffective sump pumps, cracked toilet tanks, and water heater malfunctions.

It is possible to prevent sewer and water line flooding via several strategies. We recommend:

  • Running warm water during icy weather to avoid frozen pipes
  • Hiring plumbers for regular inspections
  • Inspecting your landscape for invasive roots
  • Having a professional perform seasonal septic tank and water heater maintenance
  • Installing water softeners to prolong the lifespan of your pipes and appliances

Professional Water Mitigation & Restoration

At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we offer years of experience, hi-tech tools, and proven techniques to remediation flooding issues and damages quickly. Our restoration experts will do everything to return your property to its pre-loss conditions. We understand how powerful and unexpected floods, storms, sewage line leaks, hurricanes, and pipe ruptures can be – destroying your property’s floors, ceilings, and basement in mere minutes.

The damage and cost of basement flooding can be expensive. We will go above and beyond to mitigate the damage for a fair and competitive rate. Our focus is to ward off decay, salvage repairable goods, and assess the damages. We can also install tarps or board up damaged roof sections to provide temporary protection in the aftermath of a storm. Drying, dehumidifying, and removing moisture is critical, and we work with urgency to deliver fast results.

Our professional flooding and water damage restoration services are second to none. We promise:

  • Cost-Effective Strategies – We comprehensively assess the damages and follow practical, effective, and tried-and-true restoration protocols to mitigate costs.
  • Industry-Grade Equipment – We rely on industry-grade tools and cutting-edge technologies (truck-mounted extraction devices, axial fans, wet vacuums, etc.) to remove floodwaters swiftly.
  • Expertise – We have the versatility and skills necessary to dehumidify furniture, deodorize musty rooms, and remediate mold. Our priority is to ensure your space is safe and inhabitable again as quickly as possible.
  • Punctual, 24/7 Services – We work quickly and are available around the clock to be there for customers when emergencies occur.

Our elite technicians are eager to help you rebuild, restore, and return your home to normal with minimal property loss! Call (719) 356-3189 to learn more about our flood restoration services today!