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Common Water Damage Scenarios During Winter Weather

Common Water Damage Scenarios During Winter Weather

When winter arrives and the temperatures drop below zero, your home’s vulnerability to water damage multiplies. At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we realize how cold it can get with our frigid climate. These days, the unpredictable weather can even bring blistering cold temperatures to spring. Fortunately, when emergencies arise, our expert technicians are ready to help!

Dealing with water damage problems is always a hassle. Our team is here to deliver lasting solutions. We also want to prepare you for winter-related issues. By acting proactively and maintaining your property, you will be able to reduce your chances of water damage catastrophes. Understanding winter-related water damage can help you act quickly and contact the proper professionals when emergencies arise.

Preventing & Treating Ice Dam Formations

When snow accumulates near the bottom of a sloping roof, it can prevent the melted snow from draining. When undrained water gathers, ice dams can quickly emerge. Every year, ice dams cause irrecoverable water damage in countless homes. It is critical to ensure your attic temperature remains uniform to combat the formation of ice dams. Uneven temperatures are dangerous because they can cause ice on higher/warmer sections of a roof to melt and refreeze at lower/colder areas.

If left untreated, an ice dam can cause permanent damage – requiring our technicians to gut and rebuild entire sections of your home. They can also cause leaks and spread black mold and mildew. The best way to achieve uniform roof temperatures is through proper ventilation. Our restoration experts have the tools and techniques necessary to determine if your ceiling is airtight and insulated. We will pinpoint and repair any spots where heat loss is occurring. Preventing moist air from slipping into the attic space is our top priority.

We always follow proven protocol. This includes drying walls and ceilings before any interior repairs take place. In addition to repairing and restoring your property, we will correct the heat loss issue causing the problem. Ice dams and water damage will reoccur once weather conditions worsen if the source issue is left unfixed. Let us eliminate ice dams for good by insulating your attic, ceiling, and roof today!

Melting Snow, Frozen Gutters, & Water Heater Leaks

If snow melts too quickly without sufficient drainage, the water can flood and damage your home’s crawlspace, basement, or slab foundation. This water damage can lead to the growth of mold. In addition to water damage service, our restoration team also specializes in mold remediation services. It is also helpfulto know that water trapped in gutters can freeze and unfreeze during winter. This process can cause gutters to burst, overflow, and deteriorate.

You should also be vigilant about checking your water heater in the winter. Water heaters work overtime to provide indoor warmth when temperatures drop below freezing. During winter, the desire to take long, hot showers rises exponentially. This elevates the chances of your water heater overexerting, breaking down, and forming a leak. If your water heater caused a flood, call one of our restoration technicians immediately.

Frozen Pipes

When the water inside pipes freezes during cold weather, the expanding water can pressurize your piping and cause it to burst. There are many ways to prevent pipe bursts. By insulating your pipes, running faucets at a slow trickle, or turning off the water altogether, you can significantly lower your chances of suffering from water damage related to frozen pipes.

If your pipes do burst and water damage occurs, ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs is ready to come to the rescue. We understand that time is of the essence and work with urgency – mitigating water damage by providing cleanup and restoration services before decay, mold, and deterioration spreads. Our damage mitigation specialists will assess the situation, promptly document damages for insurance claims, and begin the mitigation process as fast as possible.

Call A Restoration Specialist Today!

The scenarios mentioned above are not the only examples of winter-related water damage. Other problems include ruptured water lines, leaky windows, blizzard conditions, and excessive snowfall (which can cause a ceiling to collapse). If you experience water damage at any time of the year – winter or summer – reach out to our restoration experts without delay!

Regardless of the situation, we’re equipped and experienced to restore your property efficiently and thoroughly. Utilizing industry-grade tools, our technicians will do everything in their power to rectify and salvage damaged property. We are your go-to local solution anytime water damages occur!

To book water damage restoration and/or mold remediation services, contact us online or call (719) 356-3189 today!