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Benefits of Using Carpet Cleaning Services from ServiceMaster Newton, IA

Our carpets don’t always get the attention they deserve. With heavy foot traffic, pets, and spills, occasional vacuuming isn’t enough to keep carpets clean and safe. Let’s discuss the importance of having and maintaining clean carpeting in your Newton, IA home or business.

Why is it necessary to clean carpets?

The following are excellent reasons why carpet cleaning is quite necessary:

Remove Allergens: As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an unclean carpet retains different pollutants such as allergens, pet dander, dirt, and dust.

Many toxic gasses cling to the microscopic particles present within the carpet. These gasses are released through everyday activities like walking on the carpet, which continually contaminates the air inside the room.

Clear Out Dust Mites: Dust Mites love to munch on dead skin cells, and your carpeting is a vast buffet of filth they love to hunker down in. The body fragments of dead and crushed dust mites, plus the never-ending supply of fecal matter left by mites past and present, work as allergens. When inhaled, they aggravate allergies.

Stop Mold Growth: If the relative humidity (RH) levels are high in any particular room, it can result in mold growth. Carpeting is an ideal place for mold growth since it retains moisture and provides ample food for mold to consume and thrive upon. Professional cleaners employ industrial-grade drying tools which extract moisture and thwart mildew and mold growth.

Top reasons to hire professional carpet cleaners:

The difference in Material: Based on how a carpet is made and the material being used, such as synthetic or wool, a professional carpet cleaner will select the most appropriate type of treatment and products to use.

Type of Stains: Use of the wrong cleaning product can actually cause stubborn stains to set and become permanent. A professional carpet cleaner has the required expertise and experience to ensure the job is performed correctly and safely for your carpet.

Correct Cleaning Solutions: A professional carpet cleaner will utilize the required cleaning solution best suited for the type of carpet and cleaning needed. Stains and dirt will be lifted away, bacteria will be killed, and deeply trapped pollutants extracted by high-power vacuums.

Dust Mites and Allergens Are Removed: By using methods such as steam cleaning, a professional carpet cleaner will effectively kill all the dust mites, and powerful vacuums will extract dust mite residues and remaining allergens.

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