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Find Hoarding Cleanup Help in Rochester, MN When Collecting Becomes Hoarding

ServiceMaster of Rochester for hoarding cleanup services.   Hoarding is defined as money or valued objects stored or hidden away; reserved for future use. Hoarding disorder is a compulsive syndrome where individuals are unable to let go or throw away possessions that are important to them, no matter the monetary value. Friends and family may attempt to help by removing materials from the homes of hoarders but quickly realize this task is much more than they bargained for. Additionally, it can be very dangerous to clean the home of a hoarder because of the debris and potential biohazardous material associated with it.   Because many hoarders often have animals, fecal matter and urine can be difficult and dangerous to clean. Hoarders have been known to have difficulty letting go of pets and animals, therefore having diseased, dying, or dead animals on the property.   Other biohazard materials include mold, mildew, dust, rotten food, human and animal waste, and needles. Damaged structural components including flooring, walls, and ceilings also play a safety concern during hoarding cleanup.   Working in hoarding cleanup areas requires the proper protective gear to avoid pathogens transmitted through animal and human waste which can, in turn, cause infections and other health complications.   ServiceMaster of Rochester understands the difficulty a hoarder experiences when trying to let go of things and the challenges a family experiences when attempting to help with hoarding cleanup. That’s why we’re available with our trained and knowledgeable staff to take the burden and difficulty off you. We have the proper equipment, products, and expertise in hoarding cleanup to make the job easy and stress-free. There are no judgments and we involve family and friends in the decision-making process.   If you’re in need of hoarding cleanup services in Rochester, MN, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester by calling (507) 204-3820 or visit us here. When your collecting has gotten out of hand, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester for hoarding cleanup services.]