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Emergency water shutoff valve – Where is it?

Water bursting through pipeKnowing where your emergency water shut off is can save you thousands in damage. Take a few minutes and locate the shut off and make sure that it works. Your home may need a “water Key” if you are in city water. After many years theses keys can get lost, broken or simply not work, contact your local water department for a new key

1.    Look for the shutoff valve outside if you live in a warm climate. It will usually be located where the water pipe enters the house and is usually at the most inaccessible spot behind nasty bushes. When you find the water meter, you’ll locate the main shutoff nearby.

2.    Find your shutoff valve in the basement in cold climates – it may be set into a wall or on the water pipe leading to the water heater.

3. Locate the shutoff valves on either side of the pressure tank if your water comes from a ground well. Turn off both valves.

4.   Shut off the water by turning the valve clockwise until it won’t turn any more.