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Packout & Content Restoration

ServiceMaster Employees packing a box

Items can be packed and sent to our climate controlled warehouse in St. Louis for cleaning and storage.

When a fire disaster strikes, it affects more than just your home or building. Furniture, clothes, rugs, electronics and other items are often exposed to smoke and water damage and they need to be cleaned. Other items simply need to be stored while the cleanup and construction process ensure. At ServiceMaster Restore, we know how to carefully handle, clean and store your possessions.

We utilize a proven process for inventorying, packing and safely transporting your contents and furniture to one of our cleaning and storage locations in the St. Louis area. We can clean, deodorize, re-pack and store personal possessions until the restoration is complete. Using our on-site handheld mobile computer, we are able to automate the inventory process, record each item and track its status from removal to replacement.

During the packout, and contents restoration process, ServiceMaster Restoration Services will:

  • Inventory, pack and transport items to our climate controlled warehouse in the St. Louis area.
  • Provide a printed copy of the inventory of all items moved to our warehouse.
  • Clean, deodorize, re-pack and store items in our warehouse as necessary.
  • Track and document contents throughout the entire restoration process.
  • Arrange for re-delivery of items.

Content Cleaning & Restoration

At ServiceMaster, we utilize advanced products and systems for restoring a wide variety of different smoke damaged contents and can work with you and your insurance company to determine which items should be cleaned or restored.

Smoke Damage Restore vs. Replace Decisions

When smoke damage occurs, we will work to restore all property to a pre-loss condition whenever possible. In some cases where the fire or smoke damage is severe, some items cannot be restored. Others could cost more to restore than their actual value. We will advise you and your insurance claim representative and explain the limits of what we as professional restorers can do in the case of severe smoke damage.

When your home has been devastated by fire or smoke damage, we will:

  • Coordinate activities with your insurance claims representative.
  • Separate items that will not be moved, including items that will not be restored.
  • Safely pack your belongings and provide you with a detailed inventory of each box and item. Your possessions will be transported to a secure facility to be cleaned and stored.
  • Restore, clean, deodorize, re-pack, and store your belongings.
  • Provide regular, frequent communication regarding the process of your restoration claim.
  • Arrange for re-delivery of your household belongings once restoration and reconstruction is complete.

Our Cleaning Methods

Hand-Washing and Drying - Items are carefully cleaned by hand with special care taken to use dry methods with water-sensitive items.

Ultrasonic Cleaning - Similar to the process a jeweler uses to clean jewelry; sonic vibrations help to gently remove soot while minimizing the handling of items that can cause damage. Common items cleaned ultrasonically include blinds, collectibles, and other small contents.

Restoration Laundry/Dry Cleaning - Because fire damage requires a special form of dry cleaning, we utilize a special service performed by a restoration dry cleaner. (Includes inventory control and documentation of clothing and textiles, including bedding, window coverings, etc.)

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning - This requires ServiceMaster’s specialty equipment, products, and technicians trained and certified in furniture restoration.