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ServiceMaster Restoration by Wills Case Studies: Fire Damage Restoration in Syracuse, NY


The fire started in the kitchen of the parish center at the Grace Episcopal Church. The kitchen was a total loss and needed to be completely gutted. Heavy soot was present throughout the entire facility including Parish Hall, Sanctuary, Sacristy, Offices, etc.


We needed two 50' lifts to reach the ceiling and truss of the sanctuary, which was built in the 1880s and would not support the lifts. Support was added in the basement by placing 6 load bearing posts and 2, 2x4 columns the length of the basement. The fire occurred on a Monday evening and the parish only had to have Sunday services at another location once.

  • Some of the fire damage was evident from the outside. Side of a burnde building

  • As you can see the kitchen was a total loss with items charred beyond repair unfortunately.Burned down kitchen

  • You can see the soot and smoke damage on the walls of this commonly used area. burned down eating hall

  • The sanctuary. Inside of a church

  • The sanctuary during the restoration process. inside a church

  • Visible damage on the walls and ceiling panels. Burned ceiling

  • Ceiling in the process of being cleaned. Repaired ceiling

  • Our crew got to the scene as quickly as possible. Getting help quickly can make a difference. Blue and yellow ServiceMaster truck

  • The inside of the sanctuary after the repairs were made. Inside of a church