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Comprehensive cleaning in a commercial environment is a significant task even for small offices in calm times. During commercial cleaning, workers may too easily skip over corners, miss dusty ducts or nooks, and overlook common areas that may slide under the radar. While a cursory business cleaning session may be enough to keep your Dubuque, IA, office looking presentable, the professional commercial cleaning teams at ServiceMaster of the Key City can make your business shine and ensure that your environment is safe and healthy for workers and visitors alike.

Surface cleaning in a busy office, big or small, is an essential component to effective commercial cleaning. Shared areas make a big impact on group morale, comfort levels, feelings of safety, and more. By keeping surfaces clean, accessible, and bright, you can take a large step toward ensuring that your work environment is welcoming to all. But it takes more than a good wipe-down to consider a business cleaning session comprehensive.

Beyond the surface level, as important as this cleaning is, comes the next stage of commercial cleaning: sanitizing. Sanitizing and disinfecting is a large part of what comprehensive commercial cleaning really means. Any type of shared space runs the risk of being a conductor for germs, viral bugs, and other transmittable illnesses. Without a regular business cleaning routine, a simple bug can make the rounds in an office in short order, and potentially more than once.

Once the surfaces are clean and the office has been carefully disinfected, deep cleaning is the next step in the commercial cleaning experience. This procedure can mean carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, odor removal, or other types of in-depth cleaning that you may not complete every day, but that still contributes to a working environment. While deep cleaning may seem excessive, it actually mitigates allergies, asthma, and other common ailments that could be impacting your workers and customers. Keeping your office space clean means keeping it clean for everyone.

Being a health-conscious company means putting business cleaning high on your list of company priorities. Whether you’re preparing for workers returning to the office after completing their remote work or are looking for a daily commercial cleaning routine that suits your Dubuque, IA, business needs, contact ServiceMaster of the Key City today. Call at (563) 412-5876 or visit our website for more information.