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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Winchester

Fire is beautiful when you’re sitting around a fire pit roasting marshmallows and feeling cozy. But if something goes wrong and flames are out of control, you need fire restoration professionals to rely on for help. That’s where we come in. At ServiceMaster of Winchester, our team is at-the-ready 24/7 in case of emergency. We understand the value that comes from acting quickly in the event of a fire – the faster you bring experts in, the better chance you have to salvage more possessions.

our winchester fire damage restoration experts are here to help you recover. Call(540) 579-5545 or contact us now to get started!

Some of the common types of fires include:

  • Protein – Burnt food from the oven or stove
  • Complex – A combination of natural and synthetic items burning
  • Natural – Trees, bushes, or other types vegetation burning

The bad news is that people frequently find out the hard way that flames are not the only thing causing problems – restoration efforts also cover smoke and ash damage. Plus, firefighting efforts can create water damage that requires attention for a full recovery. The good news? We can handle all of it for you and even guide you through the insurance claims process.

Ash, soot, and smoke wreak havoc by:

  • Continuously corroding materials
  • Leaving harmful odors
  • Discoloring surfaces within minutes
  • Turning appliance finishing yellow
  • Etching glass and tarnishing metal

ServiceMaster of Winchester Custom Restoration Process

Our highly trained, licensed, and insured professionals have years of experience bringing properties back to pre-loss condition through fire damage restoration.

We’re here to keep you from feeling overwhelmed with a proven process that includes:

  • Finding the source to identify the type of fire
  • Creating a recovery plan specific to the situation
  • Determine if there’s water damage from firefighting
  • Mitigating any water damage to prevent it from worsening
  • Packing up and relocating contents to a secure facility
  • Removing items that are beyond recovery
  • Establishing an inventory of possessions
  • Conducting structural restoration on the property
  • Assessing flooring for recovery or removal
  • Inspecting the foundation and structure for safety
  • Providing treatment for smoke odors
  • Sealing, cleaning, and restoring surfaces like-new
  • Bringing possessions back and helping you return to normal

Are you facing a fire disaster? Dial(540) 579-5545 right away for fire damage repair in Winchester.