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Hoarding Cleaning for 28 counties in Minnesota

Hope for Those that Hoard

The professionals of ServiceMaster Professional Services understand that in order to successfully provide hoarding cleanup services and clean out the clutter, you must take a realistic, honest, and compassionate approach. We have years of training and experience in hoarding cleaning services and offer hoarding cleanup to help those in Minnesota return their homes to safe and sanitary living conditions.

You can reach us anytime at (800) 396-2439 to talk to one of our professionals about creating a customized clutter cleanup plan to help your friend or family member who struggles with hoarding.

There is no reason to be embarrassed if you, a close friend, or a family member is struggling with hoarding. Hoarding is not the result of laziness or poor organization but rather a symptom of a complex anxiety disorder in which the individual becomes incapable of throwing anything away, even items such as food containers and trash.

before and after hoarding clean up

The hoarding cleanup services of ServiceMaster Professional Services include the following:

  • Location of valuable items such as jewelry and money to be salvaged
  • Removal of unnecessary clutter and debris
  • Coordination of what will be thrown away and what will be recycled
  • Distribution of excess items for donation
  • Assistance in distributing valuable items to family members
  • Handling of required paperwork from lawyers and government agencies.

Complete Hoarding Cleanup from Start to Finish

ServiceMaster Professional Services has developed a three-phase process to clean out the clutter in a hoarder’s home and restore their home to a safe living condition. The three phases are as follows:

Phase 1: Understanding the individual and making a personal connection.

  • Our staff will try to understand the scope of the problem before beginning the cleaning process.
  • We work directly with the individual and their family to make sure everyone involved is ready to proceed with the cleanup. In this step we may refer local therapy or social services to the individual.
  • We build a level of trust and respect with the individual before proceeding.

Phase 2: Creating a plan and cleaning up the clutter.

  • We create a plan to clear out the clutter from the entire home.
  • We will help organize what is left in the home after removing the clutter.
  • Donation, recycling, and disposal of unnecessary items will be handled by our staff, including delivering the donated items to a charity of the client’s choosing. We will also help clean, sanitize, and display the remaining items in the home.

Phase 3: Post-cleaning follow up with the family.

  • We make sure that the individual and their family implement a plan to keep the home free of clutter.
  • A short follow-up on the phone is done to determine if the home is being maintained or if the individual needs further assistance.
  • We always provide our invaluable insight to help make the process successful and we make sure that the individual affected is always in control.

Helping Individuals Recover from Hoarding

hoarding clean up

When an individual struggling with hoarding issues creates clutter in their home, the environment can become dangerous and unhealthy. The right actions must be taken immediately to clean out the clutter and help the individual begin their recover from hoarding disorder. This requires the help of professionals who have an understanding of the issue and who will treat the individual as a respected member of the family. The staff of ServiceMaster Professional Services takes an understanding, professional approach to help resolve the problem.

Why ServiceMaster Professional Services? We have:

  • An understanding of hoarding disorder
  • A proven cleanup process
  • An experienced staff