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Mold Remediation Services in Maple Grove, MNa basement ceiling filled with mold in a maple grove home

Mold is a natural part of our ecosystem. When moisture and humidity over 60% combine, mold has the ideal environment to thrive. So, whether you build a home or purchase a property in Maple Grove, there’s a chance mold is already present. It’s our job at ServiceMaster Professional Services to ensure mold levels don’t get out of control. We offer mold remediation services for homeowners in the area who have serious mold problems.

We use powerful commercial-grade equipment and eco-friendly products to clean the air, remove mold, and disinfect surfaces. Our highly trained mold removal specialists perform a thorough inspection of your home to locate all the mold sources, so we know how serious the situation is and how much manpower is required for resolution.

We know mold inside your home is more than a passing annoyance. The longer it goes unaddressed, the more significant the problem becomes. Our Maple Grove restoration service experts are available to answer your query 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You won’t have to wait days or weeks for exceptional and effective mold remediation services.

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When is Mold Remediation Required?

Mold remediation is required any time there is evidence of active mold growth due to water damage or persistent moisture issues, such as a leaking pipe or window seal. Remediation is also necessary if mold is detected in any area of the living space, regardless of whether it appears to be active or dormant.

While a small patch of dormant mold may not pose immediate health risks, it can quickly spread when frequently disturbed and given access to moisture, posing potential long-term risks such as respiratory illness or asthma in sensitive individuals. For these reasons, getting professional help to identify the cause of the issue and properly remediate it without disrupting any existing systems should always be considered.

Our technicians at ServiceMaster Professional Services are experienced at identifying the source of the issue, correctly assessing the extent of the contamination, and professionally removing all affected materials. We then use state-of-the-art containment methods to ensure that you have peace of mind during and after the remediation process. Our team is dedicated to helping you return your home or business to its pre-loss condition in a safe and timely manner.

Symptoms of Mold Sickness

It is essential to rid your home of mold as if it is left untreated or unattended, it can spread throughout the entire house in a matter of hours, bringing structural damage, lingering odors, and even worst of all severe health risks.

Symptoms of mold sickness include:

  • Fatigue
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory Issues, including Asthma
  • Headaches
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Red or Itchy Eyes
  • and so much more!

If you suspect a mold in your home, contact ServiceMaster Professional Services for an assessment. We have the experience and training to quickly identify the source of the mold and develop a plan to remediate it before your health gets any more severe!

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How do Mold Levels return back to normal

Many mold removal companies will claim to rid your home of all mold. However, it’s virtually impossible to remove all of it because mold is naturally occurring. Our team removes as much as possible to bring mold levels back to normal and help you feel comfortable in your space again.

We do this by:

  • Finding and repairing the moisture source to mitigate future mold
  • Restoring or replacing hard and soft surfaces affected by mold growth
  • Keeping our staff and your property protected with tarps and personal protective equipment
  • Blocking off contaminated areas to keep mold from spreading
  • Using HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers

Our team is equipped and ready to remediate mold from your space using tried-and-true methods that return your home to a clean and pre-mold state.

What Kills Mold on Black Wood?

The growth of black mold or toxic mold in your home may lead to severe respiratory problems if not handled properly or quickly. If mold is only affecting a small part of your home, you may still be able to remove it yourself if you have the right products on hand.

When cleaning or removing black mold, please use precautions as it is tied to serious respiratory issues and skin irritations.

Before you begin removing the mold be sure to wear the following:

  • Protective gear that has been rated to protect you from mold spores, such as a respirator or N95 mask.
  • Clothes that cover your entire body (long-sleeve and pants)
  • Goggles to protect your eyes
  • Rubber gloves to protect your hands from mold and cleaning solutions

Killing black mold on wood involves using the right solutions that are strong enough to kill the mold and will not harm your wood. The type of solution you use depends on the type of wood you are cleaning as well.

Solutions for black mold on different types of wood:

  • Wooden floors - scrub the mold away with diluted bleach or diluted dishwashing detergent or distilled white vinegar
  • Drywall - hydrogen peroxide or baking soda
  • Wooden furniture - wipe the furniture with diluted bleach or diluted dishwashing detergent
  • Wood decking - use diluted bleach, diluted dishwashing detergent, or distilled white vinegar, then protect the wood with a varnish after it has completely dried.

After you have cleaned the surface, give it ample time to dry thoroughly. If the mold damage in your home is severe, then ensure you and your family’s safety by allowing our Maple Grove mold remediation experts to get the job done right! Call ServiceMaster Professional Services at (763) 294-7638 -- we are available 24/7!

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