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Extreme Heat Causes Power Outages that Lead to Other Issues

One of the things about the summer months that people enjoy is the sunshine and warmth it brings, especially if you have just gone through a harsh, frigid winter. People venture outside to enjoy the sun and warmth while it’s still around. However, summer’s enjoyable warmth can quickly turn into an extreme heat wave that is not only uncomfortable to deal with but dangerous as well.

Extreme heat can easily cause people to become dehydrated, because it’s more difficult to replenish yourself when you sweat more. When you’re dehydrated, your body cannot function properly. Furthermore, extreme heat can cause more severe, potentially fatal health problems, such as heat exhaustion or heat strokes.

But heat-related health issues are just some of the problems you may face during a heat wave.

When there’s a heat wave, there’s also a greater risk for a power outage. If a power outage does occur, then that will only add on to the list of problems you may have to deal with.

Continue reading to learn more about how a heat wave can cause power outages, what resulting problems can arise as a result of a power outage, how to stay cool during a power outage, and how to prevent power outages during a heat wave.

Increased Electricity Use

Simply put, extreme heat can result in a power outage, because there are more people who are using electricity.

To maintain their safety and prevent potential health problems, people opt for staying indoors within the comfort of their own homes or other properties, staying out of the sun and heat. People will turn their air conditioning units to full blast and/or plug in their electric fans to remain cool.

But when there’s a larger amount of electricity is being used, there’s also an increased possibility for a power outage. When you consider just how many households and other properties would be using electricity during a heat wave, the amount of electricity can add up rather quickly. This increased demand for electricity then becomes too overwhelming for the power grid to handle, causing a power outage.

With that being said, it’s easy to see how a power outage would occur when there’s a heat wave.

Power Outage Problems

When a power outage occurs, you have no access to electricity, so your electric appliances cannot run.

If a power outage does occur, then you have to worry about keeping yourself and your family cool. But this is just one problem that you will have to deal with.

When a power outage happens, you have no access to electricity, so your refrigerator and other appliances cannot run. You don’t have a television or computer to use to pass the time and enjoy yourself. But what can be more concerning is that you may experience sump pump failure if your home has an electric sump pump.

If your home’s sump pump cannot work, then your property is at risk of becoming flooded and suffering from water damage. You may not find this concerning during a heat wave considering the weather-related water isn’t a problem at such a time. However, this doesn’t mean moisture isn’t a problem. In fact, your home may not have a sump pump to act as a safeguard against water-related weather events.

Sump pumps remove excess water and moisture from your basement or crawlspace, keeping the area beneath the building dry. That said, it doesn’t matter where the water or moisture is sourced from. If you experience sump pump failure, then any moisture in the basement, crawlspace, or wherever else the pump is installed can accumulate.

This is concerning because water can quickly cause damage, especially the more it accumulates and the more time it’s given. This water damage will then prompt you to seek help from water damage restoration services.

Furthermore, when water is a concern, there’s also the potential risk for mold as well. Mold thrives in moist environments, so the presence of such moisture increases the chance for mold growth. The possibility of mold growth is also greater if it’s warm and/or humid, which very well could be the case in a property without power during a heat wave.

Power Outage Prevention

When there’s a heat wave, it’s important you to take the necessary actions to prevent a power outage. No one wants to simultaneously deal with excessive heat and no electricity.

The following are a few easy ways to not only prevent power outages, but to stay cool as well:

  • Turn any unnecessary light, devices, and appliances off.
  • Close all blinds, curtains, and shades to prevent unwanted heat from coming into your property.
  • Make sure no air ducts or fans are blocked by furniture so that cool air can properly circulate throughout your property.
  • If you need to use them, run your dishwasher, oven, and other heat-producing appliances during the night, because it’s cooler at this time.

What to Do During a Power Outage

If you do experience a power outage during a heat wave, then you need to prioritize your safety. Make sure you remain hydrated and cool to prevent yourself from suffering from any heat-induced health problems.

To remain cool, keep doors, windows, blinds, shades, and curtains closed. Do your best to not let outside air into your property.

If you find that your home has experienced sump pump failure, then keep an eye out for water damage and get help for any damage when it’s safe to do so. ServiceMaster Professional Services has water damage restoration services available to help clean and restore your home of any water damage. Our professional technicians will extract water and moisture, dry your property, make repairs, and restore damage. If mold growth has occurred as a result of the damage, our technicians will take care of that as well.