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Upholstery Cleaning Services in Rochester person cleaning a couch with a vacuum

Professional upholstery cleaning can help refresh any room. Sofas and chairs in a home often see a lot of love and use, and thus show soil and dirt quickly. Vacuuming upholstered furniture can reduce some of the dirt and dust, but what about the dirt you can’t see? Although not often visible to the naked eye, upholstery collects contaminants such as dead skin cells, oils and dust that can only be removed through a thorough professional cleaning. ServiceMaster Clean® professionals are experts at selecting the correct cleaning system for various fabric types and soil conditions.


Stains happen. Coffee splashes, ketchup drips and an unidentifiable sticky residue left by a small child are each common stains that often appear on furniture. However, no matter the mess, a professional cleaning is often the best and easiest solution to de-grime and refresh the furniture. Our ServiceMaster® Clean professionals tackle these types of stains and upholstery grime on a daily basis. When a team comes in and cleans your upholstery, you get a comprehensive cleaning that includes initial vacuuming, spot treatment, cleaning, rinsing, and water extraction. Moreover, you’ll receive top service with both the washing and polishing of any furniture framework.

Upholstered items come in a variety of fabrics, textures and blends. It can be difficult for the average homeowner to know the right cleaning method for them. And cleaning upholstery incorrectly can cause shrinkage, color bleeding or discoloration. Our upholstery experts eliminate the guesswork and help homeowners avoid damaging upholstery. We select the best cleaning method for your upholstery and its condition, utilizing equipment created to remove the most soil possible. Furniture is an investment that can last for years, so skip doing it yourself and call ServiceMaster Clean.

Professional furniture cleaning by ServiceMaster Recovery By Close:

  • Is safe for all kinds of upholstery and fabrics
  • Is non-toxic to family and pets
  • Removes stains and spots already present
  • Reduces the effects of wear on furniture
  • Helps extend the life of upholstery
  • Helps eliminate persistent odors


Did you know that more than 40 million Americans suffer from allergies? 10 million are allergic to cat dander, the most common pet allergy and an allergen often found on upholstered furniture. Other common allergens found in upholstery include dust mites and even pollen and mold spores carried in on clothing from the outdoors. Upholstery cleaning can significantly reduce the number of allergens on the furniture in your home or business. Limiting allergens helps reduce allergy and asthma triggers, reports the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America.


Pets are loving, amazing creatures and we receive a lot of joy sharing our homes with them. However, cats and dogs can contribute to the dirty and daily mess that you’ll deal with in life. Our four-legged friends also can leave lingering odors on upholstered furniture. A professional upholstery cleaning can remove those pet odors from your couch, chairs and other furnishings to help refresh the living areas of your home.

Our research and development team works to ensure that we are using state-of-the-art products and processes to improve the appearance of your upholstery. We guarantee the job is done right.

What to expect with our services:

Step 1: A technician will conduct a preliminary inspection of your upholstery to determine the best cleaning method

Step 2: We pre-treat spots and stains using our proprietary cleaning products or manufacturer-recommended products to accelerate soil release

Step 3: The upholstery is rinse-extracted using high performance truck mounted equipment or portable extractors. This rinse-extraction process uses a specially formulated pH-balancing fiber rinse that helps to remove the cleaning solution residue

Step 4: If the pre-treatment doesn’t remove all spots, we use various techniques in attempt to remove them


Regular vacuuming keeps dust at bay but fabrics may still appear dull. A professional upholstery cleaning can help improve your furniture's overall appearance and actually brighten the fabric. To keep your upholstery looking its best, furniture manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning every 12 to 24 months. Let our ServiceMaster Clean professional upholstery cleaning teams revitalize your home furniture.

Please complete the form to the right for additional information on our upholstery cleaning services. To schedule an appointment, call ServiceMaster Recovery By Close at (585) 699-1261. Our team will work with you to schedule a time convenient for you.